The Tower Of Babbel


So MUCH has been going on, lately.  Yet I haven’t been writing much about it. “What the HAY?” you ask. Thank you!

I CAN’T “write about it.” Words are obsolete. Meanings are obsolete. Haven’t you experienced that lately?

YEAH, you have.  It’s a Tower of Babbel out there. I mean obviously, finally.  “Talk” is divisive.  “Communication” is hijacked by projections. Isolation rules.

HUH? How could that BE?  We’ve been moving toward UNITY CONSCIOUS!
Haven’t we?


Then why is everything  falling APART?

Because it’s broken.


The system we’ve been existing in is BROKEN.
“Things” are NOT going to get better in there. Get OUT of there!

I know. This is radical. That’s why I can’t find any decent words for it. For NOW, just forget “trying” in the old way… “trying to communicate how RIGHT you are” (how “WRONG somebody else is,” therefore).

Just get OUT of there. It’s all leftover projections, anyway.
Just breathe and real-ize. Everything  you “think you know” is part of a 3rd dimensional program of enslavement. No matter WHAT you “think you know,” or how enlightened you “think you are.”

Just let yourself know THAT for NOW.  That is ENOUGH for NOW.
That is PLENTY.

Feel the RELIEF?
Take your “time.”

We’ll be in touch soon. From the heart. ❤

*** ❤ ***

P.S. If  this post doesn’t resonate with you, then just forget about it!

*** ❤ ***

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