What Is UP? The Schumann Resonance Webinar!


Why? Because the Schumann Resonance is UP!
Which mean everything is way UP. UP in the air. UPheaval.  UPrise. UPset. Including YOU. (But you probably already know that last one.)

This spike in the heartbeat of our earth just happened early last month, February 2017. I felt it through my attunement to frequency resonance. YOWZA.  (If you don’t know what the Schumann Resonance is or why this is an extremely big deal, please click: The Big AHA . Right NOW!)

I then searched online for weeks looking for scientific evidence. Finally, I found it on the Russian Space Observing System’s website. Probably, there will be a lot more info about this unprecedented phenomenon in the media within a few months. But as far as I am concerned, that is TOO LATE!

We are going through this massive, totally unprecedented,  bio/neuro/psycho/energetic UPgrade right NOW!!!

What is the point of reading about it AFTERWARD in the news?!
OLD news, by then! Too old to USE! And very different than it might have been if we had started working with it NOW!!!! (I am very passionate about this. Can you tell?)

Hence, the webinar. Actually, “Web-In-Are” is what I call an online gathering, but I spelled it the old way here just so people would know what I was talking about. Lol.

What Is UP?!  The Schumann Resonance!
Sunday, March 26th, 1:00 – 2:30(ish) p.m. PDST.

(I say 2:30 ish because it may go longer. That’ll depend on how much information I have by then and how many questions you have. I don’t cut off a flow until the flow stops on its own.)

Why CARE about the Schumann Resonance? 
Because your frequencies just shot WAY out of any range you’ve experienced ever before.
Because this isn’t a choice. It’s PHYSICS.
Because you are hard-wired to handle it.

How about because YOU HAVE TO?
To quote myself…
this is a HUGE deal, a MASSIVE transition, and I mean REALLY. The frequencies of everyone in our entire human collective en masse are attempting to rise into the higher range of our NEW milieu whether they know it or not (yet). That is not a choice, its physics at work– in particular, the laws of resonance– and one can’t choose not to honor them  anymore than one can choose not to honor the law of gravity. Thing is, a whole lot of people are clueless about this. Hence, there is a lot of volatility out there… no, there’s no “out there.” It is in our milieu, the air we live in… because everybody’s energy is agitated,  everybody’s lowest frequencies are coming UP, and nobody knows what to do with them. Some are learning, though. Thank God.”
But don’t take my word for it, please! Check it out yourself. See if it resonates for YOU. Because if it doesn’t, you wouldn’t get much out of the web-in-are anyway.

But if it DOES…
Sign up right away! Don’t “think” about it. That’s doubt. Not good. If you feel a little surge of yes inside you, just DO it.

What you will learn–
Everything you need. Not forever, lol!  For NOW. But when you learn that, it will teach you what you need to learn next. Even teach you how, if you’re paying attention.

Okay, in linear language. You will…
1.) Find out what this is all about.
2.) Get your bearings.
2.) Learn NAVIGATING 101. (Good for NOW)
4.) Ask all the questions you WANT to.


Offer your Reciprocal Energy Exchange of $22.00 via Paypal to thecelestiateam@gmail.com, noted for “What’s UP?”  

That’s it!
Only do it soon, because this one can hold only 10 participants.

Hope to SEE YOU there!

*** ❤ ***

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    YES, Beloved, one more “time,” we share an important message with You through the earthly frequencies of our Judith projected into human form. Probably that does not surprise You so much anymore, however, which is very GOOD news! Remember when it did? Remember when You doubted the veracity of any message that came through “human filters,” as You say? Not that we mean that You should not continue to use your DISCERNMENT! In truth, You need it more than ever NOW. That goes for “channeled messages” from “light beings” as well, remember… as above so below. But You have come to a Crossroads: You CAN rely on one another AS LONG AS You use your internal technology to discern FREQUENCIES. That is the road to Sovereignty in Unity Consciousness. Of course, the road to NEVER trusting is still available, too. But You have flown much higher than that, already. How we LOVE You! Always and in All Ways—the celestial team

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