On Assignment: Planet Earth 2017


You may have noticed that I’ve been gone for awhile. You may have also noticed that I disappeared quite suddenly, soon after the beginning of the Maelstrom of November, 2016. However, If you think that reading this must mean I’m “back,” you’re mistaken.
could that be?

How about this?
ow about if it means that you aren’t back where we were before the Maelstrom of November 2016, either?

How did it feel to read that?
Ridiculous? Think again.
Scary? Maybe, for a little while.
Impossible, since everything looks the same? Take another look!
Relieving, because everything that looks the same does not feel the same, and so you thought you might be going crazy? Nope, you’re not.

Or, validating, because your whole life has either been wiped out or changed so drastically that you really don’t know where or who you are? I know. It will be all right.

Do you remember that my translation of the frequencies of 2016 was “The Year of Transformation?” Did you notice that I haven’t said what my translation of 2017 is yet?  That’s because the most honest translation I could come up with was “The Year of Upheaval.” That didn’t sound good. Which is why I didn’t share it right away.
It is NOT good to go into something that doesn’t sound good. Although I DID get that it meant “The Year of Being Heaved UPWARD… but that sounds too much like vomiting. So I waited.
I’m glad I did, too. It would have been premature.

I’ve discovered that this year is not “slottable” any more than WE are, NOW. The Gregorian calendar system is completely obsolete. It’s the one Pope Gregory “newly” revised in 1582, after all! We haven’t really been on that old track for quite awhile, and to pretend we were has only slowed us down. That is one of the things that has been very obvious to me in this Maelstrom. 

I’ve discovered that 2017 has two distinct phases (with as many sub-phases as each of us needs in between, of course). The first phase is, indeed, “UPheaval.” What I’m getting for the second phase thus far is “Loving Allowance.

So where are we NOW? I’m not sure– I mean, not in the old paradigm way of requiring “proof.” Where I am and even who I am is entirely NEW. The only “proof” that any of us will ever have of anything anymore will be accessed through our own experience and discernment. Besides, I can only speak for myself. So, see if my experience resonates with yours.  If it does, use it. If it doesn’t, forget about it. You can only feel your own truth within you, and if mine doesn’t resonate within you, it isn’t yours, period.

I, myself, am actually still IN the Maelstrom. For me, it is a multi-staged experience which I am also sure is happening all at once. Thank the-God-in-us that we still have our 3d linear time app available! A paradigm shift like this one could never be made on this planet all at once. This is a VERY good “time” (lol) to stay IN “linear time” in order to consciously experience your own process of getting out of it.

That is exactly the purpose of the linear time construct, actually– to give us “time” to do all of that at the pace our own frequencies allow, and I am using it for all it’s worth right NOW!

I have been through the initial UPheaval.
I am still heaved UPWARDS, observing
myself (Judith) as my own projection. Yet I am also feeling the UPHEAVAL as my (Judith’s) own gut-wrenching human experience.
WHY? To do what we came to do–

Experience, Integrate, Transmute, TRANSFORM.  

About 99% of what we’ve been doing and still are doing as a result of the Maelstrom of November, 2016 is transmuting trauma from ALL lifetimes, backwards and forwards. 

If that resonates, USE it!  If it doesn’t forget it. I don’t really know what your experience of the  Maelstrom was/is like, anyway, because it’s different for everybody. But here’s one thing I do know that we are ALL starting to realize– there is no more “back” to go to.
I’m also “getting” that this is enough to say right NOW. Enough to digest, rather. 

Just remember. The purpose of the Maelstrom is a GOOD one. USE IT!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The purpose of this website is a good one, too (so use it!)–
* To make my heart sing by providing you with all the resources you need to assist you with your Transformation into Living Your Heart’s Desires. (Don’t ask me why it makes my heart sing. It just DOES.)

* Wherever in the world you are, you can have your own private Alchemy of Transformation session by phone or video meeting in cyberspace. (That will make both of our hearts sing, btw. It just DOES.) Don’t worry that you “can’t afford it,” either. My MAGIC SLIDING SCALE will take care of that.
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