Navigating the Maelstrom Of November 2016… Yowza. You Can DO It, You’ve got HELP!


Yowza.  Every morning there’s a post “FROM OUT OF THE BLUE” on my Facebook page “Beyond Therapy–  We Are All Magicians.” Well, the one that appeared today catalyzed a response from me that then catalyzed this post that is also catalyzing an imminent  webinar. All that in one morning! Things sure happen fast these days.

So first things first. The post FROM OUT OF THE BLUE–
“Where are you NOW? “Does it feel familiar, a routine you’ve got a handle on? Or are you in foreign territory, having to feel your way as you go?”

That catalyzed my response–
The energy that we as a collective have begun heading into in earnest feels extremely UNfamiliar to me personally. Extremely unsettling, as well… we are heading into a MAELSTROM.
The catalyst is the “election” that is looming in November, of course.
Although I occasionally feel a faint resonance with the DECEIT that is riddling our global energy field (from my own “past” experiences with deception), I am also being very, very, careful to keep it from bleeding into my CURRENT personal experiences. I’d suggest that everyone do the same, because THIS PARTICULAR DECEIT is NOT one to traffick with!!! 
I’d also say that through the end of November, it has never been and likely never will be more important to FEEL where you are going and what you are heading INTO in every moment. What this means, of course, is that it has never been more important to use the FREQUENCIES of your own FEELING STATE as your compass. 
Oh, and one more thing… I strongly suggest that you keep your seatbelt fastened at all times (stay grounded in your OWN frequencies, in other words), because no matter how well you navigate, it is going to be a VERY bumpy ride.
   to you!
P.S. You can DO it!!!

My response may have sounded enthusiastic (which it was), yet there was also a kudo in it that you may (or may not) have noticed: … it has never been more important to use the FREQUENCIES of your own FEELING STATE as your compass.
To me that was a kudo, anyway, because I have recently become aware that there are not nearly as many who know even the BASICS of navigating by frequency as I’d assumed there were. So I was also a bit alarmed. Especially since another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people “think” they do– but they’re still applying old paradigm methods, rather than their own internal technology to navigate by FREQUENCY!  Yikes.

So it was my response of alarm to my response that then catalyzed this post, as well as an “AHA!” about something I’ve been “trying” to announce for the last two weeks.
In a nutshell… as some of you know, I’ve been feeling very strongly motivated (nagged, actually) to offer monthly online webinars (classes, actually) about navigating in the NEW Paradigm. I even “got” this cute title for them — “NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed!”

That’s what I’ve been attempting to write a post to announce for two whole weeks. I kept getting bogged down when I tried to describe them, however, and it was the “trying” that was frustrating, because there aren’t words for any of it. So much that can be easily understood in an instant NOW  takes pages and pages to describe very ineffectually in words.

 Then all of a sudden (yep, out of the blue, lol),  I “GOT” it this morning. I’d been “trying” to use old paradigm methods (ie, words) too! I also got how to focus these webinars by using the “real-life” circumstances that we need to navigate by frequency right NOW. Besides, words don’t teach. EXPERIENCE DOES.
And boy are we IN it.

NOVEMBER is going to be full of sudden upheavals and reactive volatility. As long as you know at least the basic ESSENTIALS of navigating by frequency and you USE them, you will be fine. Might be a little harrowing at first, but you won’t get completely sucked into the maelstrom, and whoa, will you feel SOVEREIGN when you see what you can do! Otherwise… you may find your personal life in upheaval, seemingly “right of nowhere.”
Which will be pretty true.

YES. This is one of those “times” when the collective experience will overwhelm your personal experiences unless you get in YOUR OWN DRIVER’S SEAT. The reason has to do with the physics of being in a maelstrom (definition– “a large and violent whirlpool”). Fortunately, I NOW know there is no point in “trying” to explain anymore here in written words, but I can (and will!) explain experientially in the first NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed webinar.

For NOW, I’ll just say that if you are at all aware that you are sensitive to energy, and/or if you are already aware of feeling upset by the upcoming U.S. election, then this webinar has your name on it.
You may already be feeling that, yourself.
So, let’s get this show on our ROAD!

NEW Paradigm Driver’s Ed., Lesson One:
Navigating Safely and Sovereignly Through the MAELSTROM of NOVEMBER 2016!

When:  SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th 2016
        2:00 p.m – 3:30 p.m. PDT

Where: Wherever in the world you are,
by computer or smartphone

To register: Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $30 via paypal noted “Lesson One” to 

The class will be small in order to personally address each participants questions and concerns, so it would be a good idea to register soon.

See you there!


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    This is Judith– but don’t think that means NOT the celestial team. I hope you won’t miss this “webinar” (we’ll soon come up with a better name for these video gatherings, too, I’m sure)– it feels super important, and we’ll ALL be there!
    In the meantime and always,
    Much Love/Light to You, Beloved!

  2. Unicorn Dreaming

     /  October 24, 2016

    Reblogged this on Unicorn Dreaming and commented:
    I can highly recommend Judith and the Celestial Team,
    I participated in their Tele-conferences over the past two years with great joy and much learning about frequencies.. Have a look at her archives and videos as their very relevant now for those newly awakened.. I’m participating in her latest ‘drivers’ workshop, as described in this re-blog, sounds wonderful and I know it will help me navigate this intense energy coming in now.. 🙏🏼💙🙏🏼

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