Realizing. What You FEEL, You REAL-ize!


What are you FEELING right NOW as you read this?
If your answer is “nothing”… okay, that’s fine. Then what are you thinking?
How does it FEEL?

If you aren’t thinking but what you are feeling makes no sense, that’s fine, too.
So what are you FEELING?

Starting right NOW, real-ize that you don’t “think” your reality.

While you’re at it, real-ize that you already know that! How you FEEL is always related to what you EXPERIENCE, right?

AHA. So it’s the way you FEEL that CREATES your EXPERIENCE OF REALITY, right? In other words, HOW you feel manifests REALITIES that match the FREQUENCY of HOW YOU FEEL.

NOW! Real-ize what you just REAL-IZED!!


What you call your reality is actually a REAL-ization of the FREQUENCIES you FEEL pulsing out of you into FORM.

Go ahead, test your power.
FEEL, and then watch what manifests.

Why NOW?
Because we just went through a full Harvest Moon/lunar eclipse.
Because Mercury goes direct in less than 72 hours.
Because 9 hours after that, we move through the last Equinox of 2016.

Because like it or not, you are a vibrational Reality-Creator. WELCOME TO SOVEREIGNTY!

❤ ❤ ❤


P.S. You’ll LIKE it. It’s your nature.
And if a whole lot of you didn’t already know that, and if just enough  of you didn’t let me know that you appreciate these messages by pressing the “donate” tab, I wouldn’t have “time” to post them. Namaste to you.
Appreciation appreciates!  ❤


Copyright©2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.


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