999. Planting Seeds In Fertile Soil.


TODAY, a cycle in your life has matured into completion.
TODAY, all that you have created in the last year has born the fruit of becoming the archetype for a NEW cycle that is beginning.
This is not only true for YOU, however. It is true for everyone (everyone on this planet, that is!).
TODAY, as our earth moves from Virgo into Libra, we’re ALL going.

TONIGHT (whenever you experience your night, it is the same night we ALL experience), our Harvest Moon will celebrate this event.
TOMORROW, we’ll still be on the move (some call it the “Initiation phase,” btw).
By SUNDAY (in my corner of the world, or whenever is 2 days after the Harvest Moon in yours), we will be settling into Libra for a NEW year.

What does this mean?
First of all, it means let go of obsolete words like “ending and beginning!” “Outcome” is more accurate, free of the limitation of expansion that the word “ending” imposed onto us. Each “outcome” is the foundation for a NEW template to EXPAND with.
In turn, whatever that means to you personally is the best way to perceive it (the ONLY way, actually).

What does it feel like?
However it feel to you is what it feels like.
What it feels like to me at the moment is kind of like treading water. That’s pretty good, I’m realizing. I already went through attempting to swim. Not a good idea, swimming against the current. We’re moving into a NEW one, remember?

I also cycled through a short period of feeling a little crazy because I can’t find my glasses or my contact lens solution, even though they’ve always been in a particular place and I never moved them!
NOW I’m just “whatever,” and back to treading water again.

Big, luscious dreams, based on where I am NOW, as well as how to experience NOW as exactly where they can grow from. That actually changes NOW, too, I discovered.

For the next couple of days, NOW is MALLEABLE.
Through this moon-full-of-HARVEST (which began a day or so before we SEE it and will continue a day or so after we don’t see it anymore), we are planting seeds in extremely fertile soil. So dream BIG, is what I say! Just tread water, dream BIG DREAMS and feel how “real” and luscious they are.

photo of me for youtube channelI have a feeling that is the most powerful thing you could possibly do right NOW.

I have a very strong feeling that what we dream up NOW will be our templates for 2017.

❤ ❤ ❤

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Copyright©2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.



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  1. Unicorn Dreaming

     /  September 10, 2016

    Reblogged this on Unicorn Dreaming and commented:

  2. Unicorn Dreaming

     /  September 10, 2016

    Thank you Judith.. Planting seeds here and you wouldn’t believe just how many pairs of glasses I’ve lost, found and litter ally broken lately too hhhhhaaaas.. Heaps of love to you.. Fiona xxx 🐬🐳🐬

    • Hi, Fiona!
      Isn’t that INTERESTING about the glasses? What I’m getting for me personally is confirmation that by the “time” we see something with our eyes, it’s already old news. and losing my glasses is a way to get used to not relying on my physical eyesight so much!
      Heaps of love to you, too,
      ❤ Judith

  3. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    This is Judith. I KNOW, you want to hear from the celestial team! Or maybe that’s just my own insecurity talking, lol… either way, there’s nothing I can do about it except what I’m doing (which is what “they” tell me to, lol!) The celestial team is speaking “with me through me” (their words), in “human resonance, so that we can HEAR ourSELVES,”.
    So that WE can hear YOU, Beloved! So that WE can hear YOU begin to hear your glorious Sovereign Human CELESTIAL Self Within You!”
    How we love to hear You, Always and in All Ways — the celestial team


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