The Challenge/Triumph of September 2016– Navigating Through Chaos With SOVEREIGNTY!


I haven’t written much here in the last couple of months. I’ve been BUSY. Busy living what I wasn’t ready to write about until I experienced it enough to have a sense of the landscape, at least! Then, I was busy trying to figure out how to write about it, because words don’t cut it anymore. Not the way we’ve been using them as if they are adequate symbols of shared meaning, anyway, since they never have been. And certainly not as adequate symbols for “real” experiencesince there aren’t any words for that, anymore.

Experience NOW is so multidimensional that it is far more exquisitely subtle and elegantly nuanced than any language system that is thousands of years old can express! So, finally we’re going to have to use the system we were born with. Finally, we’re going to have to begin communicating vibrationally– consciously and intentionally, I mean. And yes, by “WE have to” I mean you, too. 

Finally, you’ll just have to live and breathe as the Sovereign Reality-Creator you truly ARE. That’s not too bad, is it? Oh, and just in case you think it matters whether or not you know that you know you are, don’t worry. It doesn’t.

One way or another, something is going to cause your own finely-tuned internal technology to kick in. Did you have to know you knew how to breathe before you took your first earthly breath in this lifetime? Or did you just BREATHE because you had to?

Well, there you go! Just as your finely-tuned lungs breathed for you even though you didn’t even know what breathing was yet, your even more finely-tuned internal technology will have you gasping your first breath of SOVEREIGN AIR.

Which also means forget all about wondering if you’re an Energy Sensitive or not. That was last week. This week, you ARE. You always have been, of course… all reality creators are hardwired with extra-ordinary sensitivity to frequencies!
Which is also why you weren’t supposed to know you were.

Look. By definition, the ability to create your own reality means exactly what “sovereign” means– “ruled by NO ONE.” Get the picture?  It isn’t possible to enslave a being who knows he/she is a reality creator.

All righty then. Let’s move ON, shall we? Right NOW!
Right NOW is an excellent “time” to acclimate to using your internal technology as the Sovereign Reality-Creator you are. I have to be honest and add that right NOW may just barely still be “excellent,” though. It feels more like the “in the nick of time” to me. I’d even use the word “mandatory” if you weren’t so darn Sovereign!

But I am also not kidding.
NOW, it’s very important to begin to hold your own. To hold  your own frequencies, more specifically, since that is the only thing you have Sovereign control over, and that is plenty. Especially right NOW. There is chaos in our collective energy field this month. It is not going to stop anytime soon, either… not this  year, anyway.
For some, it is merely the tip of a very ancient iceberg.
For those who can navigate through it, however, it is the exhilarating adventure of a lifetime… of many lifetimes, actually.
YOU definitely can do it. 

Yet it takes some preparation…. not “work” or “effort!” Quite the opposite. It doesn’t even take “time,” fortunately (although some take lifetimes exploring what enslavement to external frequencies feels like). All it takes is to DECIDE to claim your own Sovereign Authority. It is already inside you. In your solar plexus, your third chakra, your I AM center. All of those, call it whatever your own power vortex calls you to call it.

Then GO there!
You do that with your attention and your determination. FEEL it!
I say I AM out loud. That does it.

Sometimes I even tone from my I AM center. That really does it.
Tone from your solar plexus (it’s usually a deep sound). When you feel  the tone vibrating in your lower  abdomen, you know your power vortex (third chakra) is spinning…. FEEL it!
Feel how YOU feel. Invincible.
And so you are. And you can do this often, just for the fun of it! Especially at first,
while you’re still setting your NEW (ancient) template of Sovereign Authority.

And THEN, navigating through this chaos will be exhilarating because it is both multidimensional and extremely polarized… very tricky, in other words, which is why you’ll find it to be so exhilarating. The image I get is of oil and water. Churning, fast-moving rivers that do not mix. So if you are in the space with them (which you are), you will always tend to be in one OR the other.

There is a very important reason for that which has to do with WHY it is so critically important to hold your own frequencies. I’ll go into that soon. And there are currents to be aware of. I’ll say more about those soon, too.

SOON because this is enough for NOW. Because words don’t cut it, remember? A whole lot of words are required to say what can NOW be perceived through our own frequencies in less than a second. And since the frequencies of words are so much denser NOW than either ours or this NEW high frequency information, they are barely adequate as carriers of communication at best. As a result, words have become not only an unreliable method to use for either expressing or receiving, but a very tiring one.  

I am very tired already from writing this much, for example. It took a lot longer than you probably think, finding the right words in the right order. That’s because there is more information encoded through frequencies on this page than in the words alone, of course. Because there had to be!

I’ll bet you’re already tired from taking it all in through the written word, too. If you’re not, you missed most of it. If you don’t “think” so, try reading it again. Metaphors work better. They are multidimensional. I’ll be using them more from NOW on rather than “plain language” (just a heads up, lol).

 In the meantime, just practice living in your own Sovereign Authority! That’s more than enough for NOW. Besides, you’ll figure a lot of the other stuff out yourSelf that way… but not the way you “think” you will, just sayin!’ Not in words, not in thoughts, but through FEELING. Or images and/ or synchronicities that evoke feeling if you don’t feel frequencies very well, yet.

All you have to do is get yourSelf aligned with the best feeling state you can, and STAY in it. You’ll feel when you’re pulled out– it won’t feel good, anymore! (Duh, I know, right? It’s that simple.) Then just RESET!  As often as you need to (which will be a whole surprising lot at first), until you get your NEW momentum going– which will then begin to carry you.

Have fun! I’ll be back soon. Or if you don’t have fun, or even worse, if you feel awful, give me a shout. An email, I mean, lol–— and we’ll set up  a private session for you in “no time.” DON’T WAIT, though (especially if you feel awful), because allowing yourSelf to feel “bad” for any reason is NOT a “good” idea for any reason anymore.

Not even because you don’t “think” you can afford a private session (yikes, that’s enslavement to scarcity! YOU know that, right?) If you need a session, then you’ll have one. Period.

We Sovereign Reality-Creators have our ways…

  White Heart in pink sky

As always, thanks to each and all of you who support me in offering so many messages and guidance and personal tesponses  for free. Without the reciprocal energy exchanges you offer by hitting the “donate” tab, I either couldn’t do it anymore or I’d be doing it on the street by NOW.

❤ ❤ ❤

Copyright©2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    There is nothing You can do that is more important NOW than taking care of YOU. Better said, there is nothing nearly AS important as your own state-of-being is NOW… and NOW, and NOW, and NOW… NOW is a continuum, not a single moment, and NOW is always NEW as well… just as You are. There is nothing more important than being the center of your own life as your NOW expands, because it is from YOU, YOUR frequencies, that your life becomes what it becomes in every NEW moment of your eternal NOW! Re-member. You are SOVEREIGN! You can create whatever You choose. Remember. You can even create enslavement! The only thing You CANNOT do is NOT be the one who chooses. Indeed, your life is in your own Sovereign hands! What could possibly be MORE important to take care of NOW than YOU?
    Heed our Judith’s human words– frequencies, rather– because she is IN THIS WITH YOU! We are not. Yet our LOVE is with You! And we always hear You and we always answer You! And when You use your ability to understand FREQUENCIES, You can hear us clear as a bell.
    How we LOVE that! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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