ATTENTION ENERGY SENSITIVES! There has been a  sudden, extremely turbulent shift in the planetary energy field.
ATTENTION! It does not have to be YOURS unless YOU CHOOSE to make it YOURS.

ATTENTION! Due to this sudden, extremely turbulent shift in the planetary energy field, the ORIENTATION MEETING FOR THE  ENERGY SENSITIVE GROUP has been shifted accordingly. The NEW date for the ORIENTATION MEETING is–

2:00 P.M. PDST — 4:00 P.M. PDST

The shift into turbulence was sudden and radical. I felt it around 3:00 am Sunday morning, By today it’s become a steadily UNstable background clamor with sudden bursts of volatility, so I know for sure that it is not likely to clear by the 27th. I also know it is not the right energetic milieu for a first meeting of Energy Sensitives via cyberspace.

We do not have to choose to make it OUR milieu, either! I know some of you felt it right away, too, and agree with me. What a NEW experience that is for me, btw, bless your hearts! I am so used to feeling energy that nobody else around me feels that it was particularly precious to know I wasn’t making THIS judgement call all alone.

There is much more to say about this turbulent energy. Some volatility is to be expected as a by-product of turbulence to some degree or other. However, since the turbulence is in our human collective, neither the “timing,” magnitude, nor scope of the eruptions can be predicted,  not even by our universe nor any beings within it. Such is the Sovereignty of the human being.

Living in a paradigm of SOVEREIGNTY (which is where WE are NOW) is very different from living in a paradigm of enslavement (which we are NOT in NOW). We’ll be experiencing the difference increasingly through the rest of the year. How we respond to the difference depends on how willing we are to embrace it rather than resist it. Some aspects of the difference may seem paradoxical to you. If and when they do, WONDER-FULL, because that means you’re getting it!  Paradoxes are where opposites MEET, when each becomes an aspect of the other.

For example, flexibility is crucial to living in alignment with “holding one’s own” in a Sovereignly chosen state-of being.
Yet in a paradigm of enslavement, flexibility would be either the opposite of “holding one’s own” or impossible. That is because a paradigm of enslavement is a paradigm of powerlessness, and a sense of “power over others” is the only way to feel any sense of power.

Yet flexibility is the WAY we “hold our own” in a paradigm of Sovereignty… for the good of the ALL. In other words, flexibility means FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

On the other hand, locking ourselves into rigid stances despite the stirrings of our own inclinations from our own inner knowing is SELF-enslavement. And when we enslave ourselves, we expect others to do the same.

Oh, there is so much more in that than would meet the “reading eye that is used to skimming for content rather than feeling for resonance!” And “skimming for content” IS what those among us who chose to use the internet as just another form of  enslavement must do. When we allow ourselves to be “barraged by information,” the  desire to genuinely communicate with one another through written words is usurped.

Clearly we are seeing that our sensitivity to frequencies IS our Sovereignty!

And there is SO much more to say… to communicate. At the moment, my priority is to get this date change posted as soon as possible, however, so all I’ll say for NOW is that SELF-CARE is mandatory as we are moving into November  There is NOTHING more important through the rest of this year than staying CENTERED in your own chosen state of being. NOTHING is more important than keeping your own SELF in BALANCE.
For LOTS of reasons. More later (soon)

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. Not “BAD” reasons, just in case any of you slid into fear – especially due to media entrainment that the only news worth splashing all over the world is BAD news!
That is something to watch… enslavement to fear.
But SELF-CARE, staying in your OWN CENTER, maintaining your OWN BALANCE… that’s SOVEREIGNTY.

❤ ❤ ❤

Copyright© 2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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