Summer 2016– A Summer Like No Other. The Scoop. RELIEF!


Summertime… and the livin’ is easy….

Love that song. It’s not about this summer, though. Or winter, if you are in Australia, say, and my summer is your winter. Doesn’t matter what we call it, the livin’ has not been easy. Not so far, anyway.
Ever since our summer (or winter) solstice ushered in the very first day of this summer of 2016 (or winter, same thing), many things that were easy (or easy by default, meaning what we were used to) began to suddenly fall apart. And I mean suddenly, as in shockingly and disruptively. 

I mean that so far this summer (or winter) has been characterized by crisis-driven challenges. But then, I’m sure you’ve noticed that already. Even if your own disruption has been more like a series of glitches than one big catastrophe, I’m pretty sure you know at least one person who has experienced a disruption that was a catastrophe. I mean as in their lives will never be the same, nor anything like what they thought they would. It’s likely that you’ve even walked beside someone through such a catastrophe… a loved one, a dear friend, maybe even a stranger you suddenly felt enormous compassion for without any apparent reason at all. Hang onto those experiences! They are treasures you have only begun to manifest. Yet they were by no means found easily, were they?  

And we thought those high frequency solstice energies were going to make everything easier! And they WILL. And they ARE… they’ve been in the process of doing just that ever since the solstice. Have you also noticed some very brief but very bright NEW experiences? Hang onto those, too! They are very new beginnings, embryos sparking to life while the old is falling apart around us.

Not that I understood all of this until yesterday, though! Not until I started to feel the new moon energy begin was I able to even see straight, lol. Until yesterday, all I knew was that I felt like I was losing my identity entirely– which feels pretty catastrophic in case you don’t know– until you find out that it isn’t, that is.  

All I know is that this is the first post I’ve been able to write in weeks. After all, identity loss is what happens to a caterpillar in a cocoon, right? There’s that liquid phase… and I still don’t have an identity as far as I know, but somehow, I’m able to write anyway. Now THAT seems pretty amazing!  And not only can I write, I can remember things I said months ago that are NOW explaining to me exactly what I’m experiencing. Never had this particular experience before, that’s for sure.

Remember when I said that anything that wasn’t in alignment with our highest frequencies (happiness, in other words) would start to get really hard? Well, that’s what’s been happening!
Remember when I said that we are so entrained to the old paradigm of enslavement that we don’t even know all the ways we are? Well, that’s why it’s been happening!

Get it? Our frequencies are higher than ever this summer, and they’ll be higher still by the eqiuinox. We do not have “time” to muck around in enslavement illusions, anymore! The things we do (which includes think, which also includes believe) that are no longer for our highest good in any way at all are going to have to feel SO BAD that we just won’t be able to do (think, believe) them anymore… and fast.

The universe (or God, Source, etc) always has our back (did you know that?), and always follows the path of least resistance to get us where we need to be, with all that we deserve to have and be, as efficiently as possible– which is exactly where we desire to be with everything we desire only way MORE of it. So if it takes a crisis to get our attention and carry us there, then by golly, a crisis we shall have.  If it takes a catastrophe to pry us loose from our resistance to change, then fasten your seatbelt. It’ll be a gnarly ride, but it’ll be over soon, and you’ll end up where you never could have gotten without such “catastrophic divine intervention.” (I’ve been through a few of those, btw, so I can personally attest to that.)

Are you also aware that our universe adores us? If not, you’re in the process of finding out. Call it the universe, call it God, call it Source– whatever you call it LOVES YOU,  and is not about to let you fall through the cracks when you’re almost HOME!

Whatever you need. Whatever it takes. THAT is what this summer has been about. Beginning today with our New Leo Moon, I’ll bet you’ll start to feel the truth of that, for the tide is turning NOW. We’re crossing the halfway point between our June solstice and our upcoming equinox in September. Maybe you’ll feel it just a little, then gradually more, or maybe like one big “AHA” that continues to fill out with details over the coming weeks.

MY suggestion is that you don’t “try” to feel anything that’s much of a leap from what you are already feeling. Especially if you’re depressed or in emotional pain, to “try” to feel joy, or even slightly happy would be such a big leap to”try” that it would be a form of self-abandonment. We have had enough of that!

 MY suggestion is that you go for the feeling of RELIEF.  Just find something to focus on that feels like relief. You can find that! The feeling of “relief” is easy to find. Falling into bed when you’re tired, sinking into a warm bath, feeling the sun on your skin, or a breeze on a hot summer day, or standing under the stars in solitude…. or, or or! You will be amazed by all the relief that is offered to you in every moment once you allow yourself to see it and FEEL it.

FIND those offerings, soak them in, stay in them as much as you can, and RELIEF  will carry you into more and more relief = better and better feelings = better and better experiences. That’s because relief releases resistance, and resistance is the only thing that ever keeps us from receiving and being and experiencing everything our heart’s desire.

That I also know. Yet I’m feeling my way through this very NEW (meaning UNknown) transformational summer, too, so I just want to add something I’ve learned about navigating these NEW energies, because it might help you to know in advance (if you haven’t already learned the “hard way,” that is)—

Sometimes what I FEEL is coming doesn’t seem to be coming at first. Sometimes I even experience what seems to be the opposite of what I feel is coming. That has knocked me for a loop more times than I care to count, so I KNOW it’s important to tell you what I have learned to do– IGNORE it.  

IGNORE whatever is happening that is not in alignment with the delicious feeling of what you feel is coming. Go back to RELIEF, instead. That is not easy, I know. We have been trained to face “reality,” so it takes practice. But I am telling you that if you can FEEL something, it is already REALITY in vibrational form– just as everything is a vibrational reality before it can be manifested into an a full-blown experiential reality.

Whatever you focus your energy into long enough WILL manifest. Whatever you do not focus your energy into will fade. In essence, realizing THAT is the Paradigm Shift we are immersed in NOW.. or not. But if you’re reading a post from me… lol! You are IN, all right.

My question to YOU is, what “reality” do YOU want to focus your energy into, and so amplify and CREATE AS YOURS?

 And remember… whatever you are struggling with, RELIEF will set you free.
Godspeed. ❤

P.S. YES, the Energy Sensitive Groups are still happening! ABSOLUTELY. “In time and on time”… which feels like SOON, so stay attuned! 


This was a whopping big post! It came out pages and pages long, then took me 2 more days to distill it all in order to condense it into its current length and still maintain the flow and integrity, etc. etc. That is often the way, though… the easier the read, the longer it took to make it that way. If you “got” what was in this post for you, I thank you in advance for offering your reciprocal energy exchange of any amount by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right side bar. There are two reasons why this is important to me. The first is that the only way I know how many even want what I am sharing is if they let me know through a reciprocal response. An offering of only $1.00 will let me know that YOU do. The second reason is that there is no point in offering what is not of value to very many!  Giving and receiving is one gestalt. I need to support myself as I support others (actually, we need to support one another reciprocally, but that only happens when it happens). Either way, your decision about whether to respond with a reciprocal energy exchange is invaluable information for ME in determining my own course as to how to follow my bliss … which is to love and to serve in Sovereignty. Thank you.


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