Now that the bombs have subsided, you’ve probably noticed that you feel a little lighter and freer. This is true for everyone, not only those living in the U.S., by the way. A whole lot of explosives going off simultaneously are felt by everyone in our human collective. If you tune into your physical body, you’ll learn a little more about why you feel lighter… RELIEF. Your entire physiological system is relaxing.

Many of you have also noticed that fireworks weren’t that much fun this year. Well, how could celebrating “rockets red gare, bombs bursting in air” feel like fun in a New Paradigm of Sovereignty? Besides, your frequencies are higher, so what used to feel tolerably uncomfortable feels almost unbearable NOW.

That’s what this post is all about, actually. I felt a very strong urge to point out the evidence that you have CHANGED. And are continuing to change! The more you tune into your OWN energy and your OWN emotional GPS, the more fun you’ll have. The more you look outside yourself for guidance or “reality,” the more old patterns you’ll repeat and the more resistance you’ll feel, of course, because they just aren’t YOURS anymore!

Nor is “external reality” anything but old news, already manifested scenery flying by… while YOU are engaged in what is BECOMING, and is already newly “real” vibrationally. You can FEEL it. That is how you know it. Knowing is experiential NOW, so TRUST what you know!

The “time” is NOW to tune into your extra-senses, your skill at navigating frequencies, “time” to embace your Sovereignty as a finely-tuned being of frequency who creates your OWN “reality!” No more creating by default… even if you’ve spent a lifetime letting others run your show, you will not like it, anymore. If  bombs bursting in air on this particular collective 4th of July holiday didn’t feel so hot, imagine how running your personal life according to the dictates of others will feel?  

Yep, this is a wake-up call… your very own experiential confirmation that you are Sovereign NOW, and you know it.  Yowza. You just celebrated your first Independence Day!



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