MOMENTUM– One of Your Most Important Energy Tools!


WHERE ATTENTION GOES, ENERGY FLOWS. That’s the first principle I learned from the Native American shaman I studied with in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a basic Energy Law, which means it’s also physics. And you already know how it works!
You know that a flashing light will draw your attention. You know that the faster a car is going, the longer it will take to stop when a light  flashes red. You also know that’s why you wear seat belts!
MOMENTUM gathers and amplifies the power of energy.

Focused energy is like a laser, so choose where you want your energy to flow, and how much MOMENTUM you want to give it! Whatever it is will respond and crystalize, so the longer you focus your energy  into a thought, the more likely it is to manifest full-blown in your physical reality. This is not news. Quantum physicists documented this over a century ago when they discovered that waves of energy become particles the instant they are focused on.

What is also not news is that we humans have a habit of focusing on a possible “problem” until it crystalizes into OUR “problem.” Then we nurse our “problem” by talking about it, bringing it into playgroups with others who have a similar “problem”… look online to find out more about how to care for our growing “problem”… pay “problem experts” to listen to us for hours as we present our “problem” and even receive an expert blessing of a NAME for our “problem.”
Do you know how many people still love getting a pathological diagnosis slapped onto them because it validates and documents that they really DO have their “problem?”

 If you want to grow a “problem,” you know how.  Just keep giving it MOMENTUM.

If you’d rather grow a garden of delight, you know how to do that, too… at  least you do NOW! Grow it with MOMENTUM.

Focus, imagine, feel the deliciousness… and there’s your garden, and you’re already IN it! Now all you have to do is STAY there while it manifests into form.

Isn’t that NICE to know? 


As usual, I can’t send this off without thanking each and all who support me in continuing to fly these messages out to you by reciprocating with an  energy exchange via the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. No matter what the amount, your energy exchange gathers MOMENTUM– not only to the flow of more posts and energy exhanges, but to maninfesting your own chosen garden of delight! Bravo. Thank You.

❤ ❤ ❤

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