Are You READY?


Well! Our big Summer Solstice (or Winter, for some of you) will be exact on June 20th at  5:00 pm pstd, just as the full moon rises.That particular CO-incidence has not occured for 68 years. Also CO-incidentally, it’s been 8 days since my last post about the vortices we have each been generating within our energy fields for the last few weeks. I have been very busy with mine, obviously! How are you doing with YOURS?

Okay, I hear some of you already asking “What ARE vortices, anyway?”
In a nutshell, vortices (the plural of vortex) are made of swirling energies that are both generated by and drawn to their centers.
Which is YOU! 

In other words, all of the frequencies that you pulse out have been magnetized in one swirling whole (the vortex) that YOU have been refining into the focus of who you will BE once you have done the focusing, sorting, etc.

In even better words, you have been choosing what relationships you are still drawn to, which ones no longer resonate as nourishing and expansive for you, and what NEW kinds of relationships you desire.

This means not just with a significant other (although that certainly may be the main playing field in this process!), but with EVERYTHING you engage with. Every person or thing you focus your attention ON is actually a WITH, because nothing can engage WITH you that is not a resonant match with your own FREQUENCIES in some way. Not even your iphone or the pencils on your desk. This is a RELATIONAL universe we live in!

And as our solstice approaches, which it is at this very moment (which is also what prompted me out of my OWN vortex to write this post, btw), whatever is left and been added to your very own vortex is what what you will CREATE once the energies of this solstice innundate it with a big universal “YES! You shall HAVE what you have chosen, and BECOME what you have chosen to BE!”
So… make sure you’re CHOOSING, okay? 


BIG thanks again to all who respond to the resonance by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. Your response is not really a “donation,” though!  It is a reciprocal energy exchange. Whatever you offer, you will receive exponentially. So… YOU choose, okay?

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