Resistance Decoded! Compassion Required.


AGAIN, the paradox of “pushing AWAY” from where we want to go is coming up loud and clear. You MUST feel it! Even those who still refuse to believe that there even IS such a thing as energy… well, bless their hearts, they’ve been dragging for such a long “time” already that the intensity of this push/pull energy NOW will be very scary as they feel it…. and they WILL and DO feel it, without question. That is the point of these push/pull energies, actually. NO ONE CAN RESIST FEELING THEIR OWN ENERGY ANY LONGER. 

Please be aware of that and have COMPASSION with those around you who may be freaking out in some way (there are many ways), or trying to shut down (that is even more dangerous, because they CAN’T). The missing piece for the many, of course, is WHY NOT? And why would I feel such RESISTANCE to creating a NEW experience that I feel so powerfully PULLED to create, anyway?

Therein lies the paradox… the integration of the opposites.
Until YOU see it, however, it remains a puzzle that only YOU can put together, for each one of us has pieces that are precious and unique unto ourselves. BUT– if you re-read that question carefully, you will find YOUR missing piece encoded within it! If you WANT to. Whether you want to or NOT, it IS there in you. And it will not go away, because it is YOURS.
Most especially right NOW, have compassion with YOU.

Whoa, this is a BIG POST! And it’s all about why I LOVE MY “WORK!” Which is NOT work…. more like being a mid-wife (or mid-husband, if I were male).

❤ ❤ ❤

If you would like  a private “mid-wife” session, let me know via email to Do not worry about “cost”… there is no such thing in our NEW Paradigm.  I can tell you all about that, too. 


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Hello, Beloved! If You have found us to be less prolific of late, we assure that our Judith has not! And so neither have WE, of course. In truth, we are even closer than ever. Remember the tipping point in your month of March– the moment (a month and more to You, albeit, but a nanosecond to us) when that crossroads into SOVEREIGNTY manifested, and all hierachical illusions that kept You from being ALL that You are lost their hold on You! We do not need to speak to You as “Light Beings” any longer. We usually speak through our/your Judith, NOW– and within YOU “all the time!” However, NO ONE in our universe can tell it like it IS (as You say), more accurately than a celestial HUMAN who has allowed him/herself to experience their multi-dimensionality (singular pronouns do not apply).
    Ah, how we love you! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

  2. Paola

     /  May 31, 2016

    thanx! Paola

  3. Very profound and lovely as always Ms. Judith. Thank you!


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