Every morning, I process/decode/integrate the energies within and around me, and RESISTANCE keeps coming up like rising waves in the ocean.  Just caught THIS one loud and clear–
During these final days in May through early June,  RESISTANCE to CHANGE is what to watch for.
Watch for it as apathy, anger, trepidation, exhaustion, overwhelm, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, even despair.
Then face any and all of those for what they are, which is a whole lot of very old FEAR.
Don’t bother going INTO all that fear, though!
You don’t WANT to, obviously, and you don’t HAVE to, anymore.
Instead, cut to the chase and deal with what it is NOW– RESISTANCE to CHANGE.
Then, take one small action that you’ve either been avoiding, or one that is NEW.
Don’t start with a big one, because then you’d take it with RESISTANCE, which would only make it UNproductive. Just take one small action that is a little beyond your comfort zone… and keep on going.
Go at your own pace, but keep the momentum GO-ing!
What you’ll find is that the FEAR of whatever you are RESISTING no longer applies at all.
Little by little, faster than you “think,” you’ll free yourself from your OWN BONDAGE to FEAR… which is what RESISTANCE really is. 
❤ ❤
Speaking of change, a big THANK YOU to all who offer a RECIPROCAL ENERGY EXCHANGE after receiving from one of my posts by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar. ENERGY EXCHANGE is what keeps the momentum of anything going. That’s why RESISTANCE only creates more of whatever one resists, btw. We only perpetuate what we give our ENERGY to, thus increasing it and bringing more back to us.
So thank yourselves, as well, because without your RECIPROCAL ENERGY EXCHANGE,  I would not be able to devote MY energy to offering all that I share with you!

Copyright©2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:


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