RESISTANCE… The Choice That Gets You NOWHERE.


Have you been wanting to expand BEYOND the prison of feeling “stuck” more than ever these days, yet the things you are “stuck” in are also holding you BACK more than ever?
If so, then you’re IN it, all right!

That’s a good thing, btw… as long as you know that the feeling of being pulled in opposite directions is caused by your own RESISTANCE.

Metaphorically speaking, you have to clean up your act before you can take it on the road.
Or, just dump the baggage so you’re light enough to fly.
Or more likely, a combination of the two.

Doesn’t mean you’ve done anything “wrong!”
It means you can’t take the garbage (ie.excess baggage) WITH you, that’s all.
Which means a radical restructuring of your entire life, quite possibly… I know, YIKES, huh?
I KNOW. We’re all going through this together, remember? Why do you think I haven’t posted anything here in the last 10 days?

When the caterpillar is in the process of “restructuring,” you don’t see him/her carrying on in the same old caterpillar way, do you? Nor should YOU.
Just LET GO. Let it happen. THEN you wll fly.


Resistance can be tricky, however (I know!). Bet the caterpillar doesn’t think climbing into a coccoon and being liquidated is such a good idea, either, lol. Fortunately, he/she doesn’t “think” about it, but just DOES it… and so becomes a butterfly.
If YOU are not feeling quite as savvy as the caterpillar right about NOW, please do not hesitate to email me (Judith) at to schedule a private session by phone, Skype, or in person. There IS a sliding scale. We CAN work it out.
Just imagine if you lived your whole life crawling, never knowing that you can FLY?

A HUGE thank you to each and all of you who follow this website and offer reciprocal energy exchanges after reading the posts by pressing the “Donate” tab in the rightside bar!  Any amount offered freely  from your heart generates MORE, and without YOU, I could not have  continued to freely give all that is here to read and absorb on this website.  Have you explored the archives, by the way? There is SO MUCH there! All because of  YOUR reciprocal energy exchanges.
Namaste for NOW, with much love and gratitude. 


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