Our five planet allies who stopped to give US pause have certainly been “doing their job,” all right. Yesterday, Jupiter started moving again, and what a transitition that was! Many will say they never felt it. That is not possible.

I mean that!  Even those who still insist that they don’t feel  their own frequencies are feeling “SOMETHING,” as they put it.

I don’t want to say too much about my experience of this latest transition. I’m “getting” that it might interfere with feeling your own,  on your own. But I also “got” stongly impulsed to write this post, so there you go. lol!  I mean here I go, actually… finding my way once more into resonance with being a bridge.

I will say that within the last few days and/or including the coming two, everybody has  (or will have any minute) experienced a repetitively toxic relational  dynamic that they   honestly, truly, finally know cannot go on. Look for it, because you manifested it for yourself. A little more… it’s the one in which you feel the most unseen, unheard, discounted, uncared about, helpless to change, enraged… victimized, in a word. Got it? That’s the one!

The “ego” is a wondrous thing. Congratulations, btw, for creating YOURS. You designed it as a stucture to avoid being “wrong” at all costs in a paradigm of enslavement, and you did a magnificent job (we all did). Thing is, that meant  being a victim and/or persecutor. That’s the other thing. It’s a paradox.  A victim needs a persecutor, and vice versa.  Nobody can be only one side of a coin.

Anyway! The best thing about this particular transition into knowing that you just can’t go on in whatever toxic dynamic you recently recycled is knowing that  YOU can’t do it anymore. Because the moment YOU drop that ball, it’s a whole NEW ball game.

The moment you let go of  fighting against, and just accept the way the other(s)  IS(ARE), something miraculous happens.You set yourself free of entrainment to being a victim,  and you set them free of being your persecutor. And when you do that… funny, how they morph entirely, once you set them FREE!

Enough said for NOW. ❤

UNLESS You want to really TALK, of course! In that case, email Judith at, and we’ll set up a Private Session– by phone, Skype, in person– we’ll find our way. Think you “can’t afford it?” Watch out for making old assumptions here in NEW PARADIGM PSYCHOTHERAPY: The Alchemy of Transformation! There’s a sliding scale. I (Judith) welcome you to use it. We can work it out. 


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