Start Calling Yourself An Alchemist!


Somebody just asked me why I used the word “complex” to desctibe our Taurus New Moon on my FB page yesterday. Ummm… I’m no astrologer, I just FEEL the energies, and they feel very complex, okay? Nope not okay… just kidding. lol! The question made ME curious about the details, of course, so I checked them out.

Astrologers call the complex energy I’ve been feeling a “stellium.” I know, what’s a stellium, right? A stellium is a concentration of energy made of multiple conjunctions, usually contained within one sign. In this case it’s Taurus, and the stellium was led by Venus, followed by the sun, moon, Mercury, Sedna, and Vesta. The metaphor of a stew comes to mind– each ingredient adds its own flavor (frequencies), resulting in a holistic concentration that is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the synthesis of all of them together that CREATES the stew. Actually, that’s alchemy… BINGO!

That’s why the question was asked that prompted my curiosity to find out which led to this post. We are in the MIDST of alchemy this year– 2016 is our Year of Transformation! Not only that, WE are the ALCHEMISTS. The “stew metaphor” came to mind to confirm that. We use alchemy all the “time!” Only reason we don’t realize that is because we’re so USED to it and we’re so GOOD at it.

So, here’s the point (finally!)– start NOTICING how often you create something NEW. All the “time!” And every single “time,” you do it through alchemy. There are always several elements that you use, but your creation is something else entirely, far MORE than the sum of its parts. I even used a bunch to create this post… keyboard, my fingers, computer, etc. This s a BIG revelation… a potentially transfomative one, if you USE it.


Happy Alchemical Taurus New Moon, ALCHEMIST ! 

BTW… I just have to keep mentioning that even though we’ve crossed the Magic Bridge Into Sovereignty, I STILL have a sliding scale for private sessions! They come in very handy for releasing entrainment to the old paradigm of enslavement and setting your NEW template of Sovereignty. Which is why I have to keep mentioning them, lol!

❤ ❤  

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    Happy Alchemical Taurus New Moon, ALCHEMIST!
    — Judith, Venus, Helios, our New Moon, Mercury, Sedna, Vesta, and The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team


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