Enslavement Or Sovereignty? Which Are YOU Choosing?


Whoa! I’ve got a video to share with you. This video happened all of a sudden and with a LOT of important things to know right NOW very neatly encoded into 11 minutes. But then, since 5 planets have stopped dead in their tracks just ro give US pause, why should that be surprising?

In every NOW nanosecond, we are spinning our futures into form with our FREQUENCIES. What future are YOU choosing? Your choices are unlimited. You are Sovereign, remember? The only thing you cannot do is NOT choose.

Choosing by default is still a choice, and a very  disempowering one. In essence, it is choosing to remain entrained to the illusion of enslavement.

Entrainment can tricky, however, that I sure have learned– because after spending all of our lives in the old paradigm of enslavement, it feels like “normal!”

Should you need a little assistance in recognizing the ways you may still be accepting lack  and powerlessness as your status quo, do not hesitate to ASK for what you want and need! I stll offer a sliding scale for private sessions. ❤


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