“I don’t have enough money. How can I live in abundance if I never have enough money?” This is a common theme in my private sessions.
“Good question,” say I. “Frankly, I don’t know how you can experience abundance if you are certain that you never have enough.”
“Well, there is nothing I can do about that, Judith, the economy is really bad!”

Such is the entrainment to frequencies of LACK and POWERLESSNESS that become apparent when emerging from a paradigm of enslavement. Since that applies to ALL of us, energy alignments into the frequencies of Sovereignty are almost always a crucial part of every private session offered through The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, of course… as are frequency-resonant  lessons in how to MAINTAIN them.

You see, frequencies are exquisitely precise, and absolutely reliable. Therein lies the power of FOCUS.

If you focus on “not having enough,” you can be very sure you will not have enough. If you believe that it’s not possible to have enough because of the economy, or because of any reason at all, what you say GOES. Get it?

I mean, do you get how POWERFUL you are? Whatever you focus on is true for YOU. Doesn’t matter a bit what “looks true,” or what other people “say” is true.

When you FOCUS on the truth you decide  to experience, and you FEEL how the frequencies of that truth feels, and you MAINTAIN your focus on how those frequencies FEEL, you vibrate them into form. Very soon, you begin to see evidence  of the truth you chose to experience manifest around you. 

It is that simple. YES. THAT simple. Just sayin.’

Namaste! ❤


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