March 2016: Unprecedented Turning Point!


You may already be very aware that we are in the midst of THE turning point month of 2016, our Year of Transformation. I hope you are! This particular equinox, balanced between its potent collaborative eclipses, provides an energetic fulcrum powered by electromagnetic forces that are so great and so complexly engineered that they are beyond our current comprehension. Paradoxically, they create a kind of void… a coccoon of dissolution and transformation. Right NOW,  we have the capability to dissolve all ancient fears and false beliefs in guilt, shame, abandonment, betrayal, and unworthiness that led us into enslavement over “time,” for ALL “time,” past, present, and future!

That is such a BIG DEAL that I also know why I was inspired to offer The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty for private sessions on March 2nd (if you missed it, click the link in the right sidebar)– it can feel pretty scary in the void! Okay, terrifying… especially if most people around you are not in there.
Do not let that dis-courage you!

Because it CAN. We are part of a human collective, after all. Feeling “out of synch” with our milieu activates primal survival fears in the ancient limbic part of the human brain. That’s also a big reason why we doubt ourselves when we expand beyond the “norm”… or we  used to.
Do not let those fear-based doubts discourage you NOW!

Expanding beyond the “norm” of survival mentality is expanding into the THRIVING mentality  of our New Paradigm, and that means SOVEREIGNTY (ruled by no one). This is not a “time” to be looking around you to see what others are doing. This is an inside job, that’s what the void is for. That many are not yet in it simply confirms what you always knew (even if you did doubt yourself). YOU are a front-runner,  which means you CHOSE to be before you even got here. And if you’ve reclaimed any of your intuitive knowing of how energy works by NOW, you know that as YOU turn, the entire wheel of humanity is influenced by your movement… and as your momentum builds and spreads, the WHOLE WHEEL begins to turn.
Quite a BIG DEAL, you are!

Quite a BIG DEAL this void phenomenon is, too. Unprecedented, and it will never happen again, either. Many of the beliefs you are/will be dissolving (I hope!) are unconscious, and rooted in deep, ancient, core beliefs that, if penetrated, will unravel them all. Staying in the void long enough to find them and allow this unraveling is not without it’s challenges, however, especially if you fear loosing control… because you will. And if you can’t let go, you won’t. In other words, you’ll hold on to whatever core beliefs keep you repeating whatever your old paradigm patterns of enslavement are. Yikes.

In THIS void, SOVEREIGNTY is the key to emerging as the Sovereign Creator Being you came to be, and it is the bridge as well.

So don’t forget about The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty while you’re in there!

I’ve discovered that laser focus on your own unique entanglement of beliefs is what works to dissolve them, because I’ve already used it in a whole lot of private sessions since March 2nd. In fact, it works so well that it’s quite a BIG DEAL, so for the rest of my stay in the void, I’ll only be devoting my energy into using my newly discovered “magic laser focus” on an individual basis in private sessions.

If you haven’t scheduled a private session yet,  you can still  have one. No one and no thing can stop you from doing so but YOU. Not even the old paradigm program of lack can stop you, since The Magic Sliding Scale dissolves the “I can’t afford it” entrainment very nicely– you get to set your own reciprocal energy exchange! (That’s what used to be “payment” in the old paradigm of enslavement, btw.) You don’t even have to budge an inch. Nor do I… I make void calls! Wherever in the world you are, all you need is a phone or a computer.

So if you want a private session, let me know via email–, and we’ll get you all set. I only suggest that you decide soon, because sessions are filling fast.

Then, sometime around March 25th, you can emerge to try out your wings! ❤


*** ❤ ***

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Beloved, there are many reasons why we chose to project the idea of The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty to our Judith in her embodied physical form. This period between your eclipses and your equinox is powerful beyond 3rd dimensional comprehension. Because it is powerful, You can work miracles. Because it is powerful, the energy is incredibly finely tuned at transmitting and transmuting frequencies. That is something to be aware of. The universe does not discriminate, remember! You are Sovereign Creator Beings of Frequency. The universe is at your command.
    You are Love, and how we love You! — the celestial team through Judith

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