The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge to Sovereignty!


What an amazing week I’ve had! When I got the “hit” to offer my special sliding scale for private sessions one week ago, I knew it was numinous (beyond the ordinary) because I felt myself walking between worlds again. I also knew (don’t ask me how) that it was no accident that it came two weeks before our first new moon/solar eclipse in the month of our first equinox of 2016. Most of all, I was excited because it is a NEW PARADIGM offer!

What startled me was the sense that, even though I know we are all well into our NEW  PARADIGM, I did not know how many would “get” the offer, let alone see or hear it. After all, this is a sliding scaie that is radically counter to the old paradigm of enslavement we were in!

Only those who have already chosen to step out of it would be able to even perceive a sliding scale that–
1.) honors the unique reciprocal energy exchange that is a “vibrational match” for each individual client, AND
2.) honors each client’s ability to Sovereignly determine what his/her OWN reciprocal energy exchange will be.

I also realized that I didn’t truly know how many understood the very important reason why I’d started calling their offerings “reciprocal energy exchanges rather than “payments” a few years ago! What I did know was that I was about to learn something BIG. Being human, I hoped it wouldn’t be that I’m hardly ever seen of heard, of course! Being consciously multidimensional, I cared even more about finding out in order to better honor my calling to be a human bridge between our old paradigm of separation and enslavement into our NEW PARADIGM as Sovereign Co-creator Beings.

I’m very happy to say that I’ve found out that I’m seen and heard at least a little,  Bridge into beyondbecause already some have “gotten” my special sliding scale! I’m beyond happy to say that my sense of walking between worlds was accurate, and my special sliding scale became a bridge between them.
As my clients went through the process of determining their own reciprocal energy exchange on their own, they found themselves walking into SOVEREIGNTY.

It has been a deeply moving privilege for me to facilitate. And I had HELP… lots of it. The moment I offered my special sliding scale, I received guidance, through the portal of my multidimensional heart center, about how each person who requested a private session could determine their unique reciprocal energy exchange through the portal of their own multidimensional heart centers. I wrote the guidance down in words, shared it with each client, and they just DID it! No questions, no confusion, no problem. They were ready… of course they were!… all they needed was a bridge.

Thus, my special sliding scale became The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge to Sovereignty. 
The bridge will be accessible through the month of March. Once it is accessed, however, it can be used again and again through our solstice in mid-June.

For anyone who missed the original “special sliding scale” offer,and would like to see it, here is the link:

To schedule a private session via the Magic Sliding Scale Bridge to Sovereignty, email me (Judith) at Let the magic of Sovereignty begin! ❤

Namaste for NOW.



Copyright(c) 2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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    Sometimes, Beloved, all You need is a bridge!
    Always and in All Ways, we love You– the celestial team


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