The Most Important Tip of All, Magician!


There are so many tips flooding me to share in this moment!  None are any I haven’t shared before… but we each hear what we hear when we can hear it. It’s just that not everybody reading this wants to hear the same tip right NOW!

Btw, you DO hear what you read. Not with your ears, of course, but in a way that’s similar to how radio stations pick up frequencies.

Anyway… as the Master Magician that you are (and you would not be on this planet NOW if you weren’t, much less reading MY posts)… well, first and foremost, THAT is the most important to thing to real-ize. Otherwise, why read them? They’d only be setting off those old “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it” tapes of powerlessness that will frustrate you more than ever NOW… since deep inside, you NOW also know that you are a Master Magician.  

Which brings me to what coalesced into the tip that would encompass them all very nicely for NOW. It’s something I mentioned in my post of yesterday–

It is our impeccable alignment with the frequencies of what we intend to create that vibrates our creation into form.

That is IT for NOW! ❤ 


P.S. Don’t forget! I’m offering private sessions via skype with a sliding scale designed personally for YOU through March 21st. Yep, I really am, and all I know is that it feels really good… maybe that’s because showing you that you CAN create your own “reality” is REAL-ly GOOD!


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