Seize the Moment, Magician!


What a magical full Virgo moon we experienced yesterday… and are still experiencing through tomorrow! If you doubt its magic, take a look at the picture I posted below, snapped spontaneously when I “just happened” to walk by an open rooftop door last night…

Fulll Virgo moon, 2-22-16

YOWZA. There you have it. So USE it. It’s for YOU. You’re a MAGICIAN. You sure wouldn’t be hanging out on MY website if you didn’t know that deep in your soul, that’s for sure!

The magic of this Virgo full moon is discernment. It illuminates how you are living in alignment with your desires, particularly with anything begun in September, 2015, and how you are not. Virgo is magic for fine-tuning, letting go of clutter, organizing your life around what you DESIRE and are expanding into BECOMING… then into CREATING as we move into the eclipses of March, and then actively LIVING after the equinox.

All magicians know that it is preparation that seeds magic, and it is impeccable alignment with the frequencies of what we intend to create that vibrates our creation into form. So seize the moment, Magician. Then SEE what you can do!

By the way, if you’re feeling a bit flabberasted, take a deep breathe and RELAX. You haven’t seen what you can do yet! You won’t until you do it, either, and that’s an inside job. This website is about the art of transformation, remember? It’s also a NEW PARADIGM, I realize that, so I’m offering a special sliding scale for private sessions by skype or phone until Spring Equinox. “Special” because I’ll slide into whatever reciprocal energy exchange is commensurate with your current energy flow (which is symbolized by money flow pretty accurately). So you see? Already you have conjured a way to get what you want or need! So USE it.

To schedule a private session, email me (Judith) at


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