Romantic Love. What A Vortex!


To recap-
The morning of the day before THIS Valentine’s Day of 2016, I felt it’s power. Within minutes I was off the internet. Within hours I was in my car. By evening, I was where I needed to be to USE this power. I moved so fast I hardly knew myself!
Then, in the midst of where I needed to be, I suddenly had to go back online to SHARE the power of this Valentine’s Day.

To elaborate-
Sounds crazy I know. I thought it seemed crazy too, given how fabulously entrenched I was in exactly where/what/how I was… which is also exactly why I knew I had to. Anything that defies logic that much is the real deal as far as I’m concerned.
So I sort of oozed my way out of…”where I was,” let’s just call it… long enough to compose a post, share it,  and then melt back into “where I was.” ALL of that is surprising, yet it all worked like a charm.

To continue-
What surprised me far more (at first, anyway) was that no one on my “Beyond Therapy – We Are All Magicians” FB page responded to what I’d shared. I know that some of you did (I’m so glad!), yet that page is a virtual community, and I cannot remember ever sharing anything there that was “left alone.”
Then… I got it.

Valentine’s Day, commercially trivializing of love as it may seem, nonetheless evokes one’s relationship with romantic love. There are wounds there.
OF COURSE there are!
Romantic love is the seed of creation, itself.
Romantic love OPENS us, breaks our hearts open to love MORE.. then heals us as we learn what LOVE really IS.

vortexIt is not a journey I ever imagined. No one ever taught us about the power of romantic love… the vortex of going deep into ourselves with another that IS the experience of romantic love. Very few on this planet have experienced it until NOW. That is our journey NOW.  We are the front-runners.  

HUMAN LOVE in any of it’s glorious vortexes of expression is definitely not for sissies… and even though I still feel like one sometimes, I keep proving myself wrong. I keep rising like the phoenix. So do YOU. That is why we are here.
It is “time” to get up to speed with ourselves.

That is why I developed “NEW PARADIGM PSYCHOLOGY: The Alchemy of Transformation” for US, of course. Oh, I didn’t do it alone… none of us do anything alone. YOU, yourself, may have helped me.

If so, you will let me know soon enough, I am sure. I look forward to “working” with you, my friend. Namaste for NOW.

❤ ❤ ❤

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