What to Expect THIS Valentine’s Day!!


Exactly seven days after our SHIFT, here comes Valentine’s Day… how about that?
HOW indeed! The “timing” couldn’t be better, for one thing, and it’s good to know why, in order to know what to  expect….so you’ll know HOW to handle the incredibly powerful service it’s delivering this NEW year.

WHY the timing couldn’t be better-
Because we are in the midst of acclimating to a SHIFT into a higher frequency range. Because Valentine’s Day celebrates “being in LOVE,”  and so brings up incredibly powerful emotions, either in the present or memories, about losing love, feeling unloved, and otherwise getting burned by the unlimited variations of the alchemical fires we call  human love.

WHAT to expect-
A potently effective  experiential lesson about the Laws of Resonance.
In higher frequencies, all lower ones come up to resonate with them.
Your frequencies have just gotten higher, so expect emotions, beliefs, and experiences of love that are not loving to come up in you.
Higher frequencies vibrate faster than lower ones, so expect them to come up FAST.

HOW to handle this incredibly powerful service-
First of all, know it’s a service. Nothing “bad’ is happening! On the contrary, every cell in your be-LOVED body is letting go of YOUR pain…for YOU!
Remember that. Be grateful and LOVING with yourself. Hold yourself in your own arms, do a “letting go” ritual, take a walk in the woods and feel how glad the trees are to see you.
What you do NOT want to do is act out any grief or rage that comes up in you on whomever you’re with! Even if you think they deserve it… they DON’T.

ANOTHER incredibly powerful service this NEW Valentine’s Day brings is that LOVING feels LOVE-lier than ever.

So Happy Valentine’s Day! En-JOY ALL of it!

❤ ❤ ❤

Copyright(c) 2016, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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