Shift Just HAPPENED!


TODAY… SHIFT happened!
Facilitated by our Aquarius New Moon on the first day of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, you may have felt it happen within a few very intense hours yesterday, as I did.
Or, you may be just beginning to glean that you have shifted.
Or possibly, you could be resisting what the shift is showing you about yourself.

If that is true, I strongly encourage you NOT to, because regardless of what you ”think” about it, it HAPPENED.
Instead, I suggest that you stop “thinking” about what you “think,” comb through the fruits of your experiences over the last 48 hours, put the pieces together, and let them tell you their message.

This is important because a NEW Era is beginning for you, personally!
Like it, don’t like it, or love it, whatever you were sowing in the garden of your life has come to fruition. And the powerful NEW seeds to your NEW era are in those fruits.

The universe LOVES you, you know! Always, it sends you the messages you need in order to be HAPPY. So trust that, and then watch for signs of confirmation over the next couple of days… because they will BE there.

Seeds of self-awareness, maybe, which will shift YOU into NEW ways of blooming, NEW ways of watering what you love, NEW ways of watering who you love with LOVE.
So comb through your garden, find every fruit (even if you “think” it’s rotten!), and listen to them.

“As ye sow so shall ye reap,” I’ve heard… and the seeds of HOW to reap your heart’s desire are in the fruits of your harvest… right NOW!

❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Beloved, take this in and to heart, please! You are indeed stepping into your future. The seeds are indeed within the fruits You have harvested NOW. They are all around You, for they have grown from within You. SEE them, FEEL them, and CLAIM them, Beloved! Hold your future in your own hands, for it is YOURS.
    How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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