To every follower of any or all of these:
Facebook pages “Beyond Therapy- We Are All Magicians,”
the celestial team; Love/Light Messages for Navigating Now,”
YouTube channel “fromthecelestialteam”—

It is my pleasure to offer:
My Happy New Year Gift to you throughout the rest of December 2015:
Private sessions by phone or Skype for less than half the usual  reciprocal energy exchange.

One hour private session: $70.00
Thirty minute private session: $40.00

To schedule a session:
Contact me by email— thecelestialteam@gmail.com
Include preferred dates and times if you have any, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your session.
Include your phone number if you like & I’ll get back to you by phone!

WHY am offering this gift to you?
Because I love dong what I do, and you deserve a gift!
Because 2015 was a “leap year,” designed to prepare us to enter a radically NEW PARADIGM of BEING in 2016. We are reality creators.
That you can have whatever your heart desires is without question.
All you need to do is align with what you desire and vibrate it into form.
That, however, requires a radically NEW way of BEING.
And there is still “time” to step into it!
The solstice energies will support this alchemical transformation by design, of course.
And so will I.

P.S. Don’t forget about THE PARADIGM SHIFT Tele-Gathering on December 22nd from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. PSTD, either! My last post was all about it, so if you missed  reading it, click THE PARADIGM SHIFT!  under “Five Latest Posts” in the right sidebar. With an energy exchange of only $15.00, it may very well be the most lucrative investment in YOURSELF you could ever make. To register, simply press the “donate” tab, offer your investment as “Gift,” and you are IN THE PARADIGM SHIFT!

Copyright(c) 2o15, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Do You FEEL the energies in your 12/12 Gateway, overlaid with your New Moon’s inundation? Do You feel them in YOU?
    Undoubtedly You do. They are transformative indeed. Remember that everyone on your planet feels them too. Such energies are volatile, and will move one very fast into whatever one’s frequencies are focused on. We asked our Judith to share this gift she is offering with You. Knowing how to HOLD YOUR SIGNAL, and practice doing so until it becomes as automatic as breathing, is your ticket to Sovereignty NOW.
    Isn’t it exciting, Beloved?
    How we thrill at your adventure! How we love You! Always and in ALL Ways– the celestial team


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