Becoming SOVEREIGN Again


The Master’s Class continues. In between the lessons, I’m finding out that there are “sub-lessons,” you might say, rather like stepping stones from one to the next. Tonight, such a stone appeared, and so here it is.

Venus and Uranus retrograde… astrology talk, but what does it MEAN? You are LIVING what it means right NOW. Everything important that we “think” we’ve already learned but never REALLY learned is back again (thank you, Venus!) to learn through very unexpected LIFE EXPERIENCE (thank you, Uranus!). The BIG lessons right NOW don’t come from me or anyone else and I don’t care HOW wise they are.

YOUR lessons are right in your face right NOW, because YOU summoned them. As are the ones I summoned, as well. Today, the theme was releasing expectations, which means attachment to outcomes, as you know– and oh yes, we’ve heard that a zillion times before, we already KNOW why that is important!

So if you got in your car “expecting” to get to a certain destination and you didn’t for some reason…. is that FINE with you? And is the REASON (I mean, WHATEVER it is) fine with you, as well?
If you hired a plumber to fix a leak and he caused a flood, instead… did you just smile and wonder what amazingly unexpected thing will happen next?
If your lover forgot the impassioned words of eternal love he/she murmurred to you only two nights before and tonight is whispering them to someone else, is that FINE with you?
Or maybe your boss decided that he had to let you go, after all…. or your child ended up in jail for doing what he/she swore to you that he/she would NEVER do…
How are YOU doing?

Releasing expectations (attachment to outcomes) is not a nice idea to “know” and play with, and then live the same way you always did which is to RELY on them. Releasing expectations is a whole NEW paradigm of knowing that you know nothing unless you LIVE it.  And we all get to KNOW that NOW! Isn’t that the best thing EVER? Or not? And if not, WHY not?

NOW is the “time” to become who YOU choose to be. And the ONLY way you do that is by aligning the way you talk with the way you walk.

human heart, NEW GPS!

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