GOOD QUESTION #1! How Can I Tell If I’m Still Running An Enslavement Program?


Welcome to the Master’s Class of “Being the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!” Lol, that just flew out of me… kinda long, huh? Wait a second, who says so, anyway? And why? Those are very good questions, btw, and right in alignment with the subject at hand. As is my response to them… Deal with it. That’s what this Master’s Class is calling itself.

Just in case you missed either one or both of my last two posts, the Master’s Class was seeded by all the questions I received about “New Moon…Don’t Make It OLD!” on 7/16. Then in my last post “GOOD QUESTIONS! The Many Petals of One Perfect Rose” on  7/27, I promised  to answer every one of them, because each one addresses a crucial awareness needed in order to stop running old enslavement programs, and become– well, exactly what this Master’s Class is about– becoming  the Sovereign Reality Creator You Truly Are and Creating the Life You Truly Want Because It’s NOW or Never!

Yep… THAT crucial. Which is why I promised to devote at least one blog post to each question, using the Alchemy of  Sequencing, so that each will become the foundation for the next… and what do you know? The Master’s Class was born. It is worth noting how that happened, btw– or rather how it it did not happen because I decided to make it happen– because I had no plan to do any such thing! I simply watched and allowed it to evolve. That’s synchronicty for you, and a teeny example of how effortless things can be for YOU… IF you let them be, WHEN you realize that “slaving” to make something happen isn’t how anything happens. Except more enslavement, that is.
So let’s get started!

The first question/first lesson in setting oneself FREE has to be this one, of course–

This reason this question is foundational is because, even though we have all been conditioned into a paradigm of enslavement since the day we were born, there are many who still don’t even know it. It’s never been openly called “our enslavement program,” after all! However, lots of other words were (and still are) used to nudge us into it, and keep us there, and by very well-meaning people… like parents who told many of us to “be good” when we were kids, which then morphed nicely into “doing the right thing” as we morphed into being “good grown-ups.”

So we got with the program that obedience is “good” (get the “right” kind of job, pay taxes, etc), that using Self-disciplne to squelch our own dreams was “the right thing to do” (we had to stop being so “unrealistic,” right?), in order to do our duty (for God and our country, which meant for everyone but US)… to be “of service to society,” in other words. And WHY did we buy into this program? Because always, the carrot called “APPROVAL,” and even wantonly called “LOVE,” was dangled right in front of our noses….so close we almost had it!  Yet we never quite got it for some reason… (are you getting it, yet?)

Here’s the shorthand answer to the question of how you know you’re still running an enslavement program–
Anytime you are engaged in something you’d rather NOT be doing…

Perfect. That’s all I need to say, really.
Lol, I’ll flesh it out with a few suggestions, however, no worries. I  know how hard it is to see those darn carrots for what they are at first, since we’re so used to them.  You really have to look at them yourSELF, and start to get a feel for them… IN yourSELF.

The first thing to recognize is what living in a paradigm of ensavement feels like.

* REPETITIVE DISAPPOINTMENT becomes a blurred state of either BEing disappointed, or expecting that you soon will be.
It seems as if you’re just not allowed to get ahead in this lifetime, let alone have the life you really want.
You’re continually pouring out your strength and resources in all sorts of ways, just because you have to in order to survive.
Paying bills may feel as if you are being bled dry, for example.

* ANXIETY is another almost constant state-of-BEing for anyone who lives enslaved.
It is living under the thumb of “whatever happens next” in every moment.
Seemingly out of nowhere, “things happen” almost every day that trigger an overwhelmingly distressing emotional reaction that shatters one’s equilibrium… and often several times a day.

* CHRONIC EXHAUSTION is also a sure sign of enslavement.
Living under the control of external forces is an exhausting way to live.
Almost every choice one makes is out of oblgation in order to repair and re-stabilize one’s own equlibrium in some way…until the next thing comes along to shatter it again.
This includes the choices made in intimate relationships, of course.  Seeing those can be a real eye-opener in some really BIG ways.

The bottom line is that a life created from making choices because one has to in order to survive IS what life feels like to a slave.
And its all propaganda. None of us are slaves.
The “carrots” we run after are illusionary. Making them seem “real” is literally done with mirrors. WE are the morrors.
Running after carrots you will never get because they aren’t even there will only keep you running after illusionary carrots that YOU believe are “real.”

This is not some hare-brained idea of mine, either, so let me nip that illusion in the bud right NOW for anyone reading this who might be tempted to jump to that conclusion rather than into why they want to.
This is energy dynamics– PHYSICS. Do your own research.

So here’s the big revelation that will pretty much short-circuit any power you’ve been running into your own enslavement paradigm IF you use it to–

That’s it.
If you’re doing something from a frequency (feeling state) of obligation, resentment, resistance, need, or any combination therein– especially if you think you have “no choice”– that’s how you know YOU are CHOOSING to keep your own illusionary enslavement active. Knowing this will definitely help you start to see how much and where you’re still holding onto the enslavement paradigm as a life choice.

For those who don’t yet have any idea how to use that awareness, however, I understand that it might feel as if I’m leaving you hanging with nowhere to go– not until I answer the second question, anyway, which is HOW TO GET OUT OF IT. So I’ll give you a really good place to go in the meantime.

Go IN. Find a way to feel as good as you possibly can, no matter what is “happening” or what you “have to do.”
If it means playing music and dancing around (either with your body or in your body) while you’re paying bills, then do THAT.
If it means deciding not to say anything after your partner or child or lover just said the worst thing you never wanted to hear– because you know if you wait till tomorrow it’ll be a whole NEW scenario, anyway, so why not wait because you might like that one better– YES!!! Do THAT.
And get creative, make up your own ways to not get hooked into what you would rather not make your experience… and I know this may sound totally frivolous and silly at the moment, but it IS NOT. Let’s leave it at that for NOW. Just find a way to enjoy what you otherwise would not, or do NOT DO IT at all… for NOW.
Because, the carrot isn’t “out there.”

THAT’S the big secret.
And once you know it…. Ha. Bye-bye enslavement.
So stay attuned! I’ll be back soon.

But right NOW (and NOW and NOW and NOW…) enJOY your outrageous ability to tune OUT what you do NOT want– for no reason at all except you WANT to!

Yowza… is that ever BEing powerful. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


A huge heartful of thanks to all of you who have begun to offer reciprocal energy exchanges by hitting the “donate” tab after receiving my own energy  through these posts– and no amount is ever too small, never be concerned about that! The energy of your intention is so much more powerful than you may yet know in generating MORE of itself… for me and for you. I am especially grateful that you join me in this mutually supportive way right NOW, for many personal reasons… especially since many have to do with my choice to devote all of my time to this Master Class in addition to my other website and many other such things… bless your hearts!  Know that I love you dearly, as if you were my very own (which you probably are, lol!)

Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley- All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as it is NOT included in any publication that is sold,  you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

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    Beloveds, in this very moment You are in the waxing energy of your potent Full Aquarius Blue Moon– the most potentially “loaded” one of your lifetime, you might say. It is indeed loaded with the power to potentize the potential of whatever is the focus of your own frequencies. And it WILL. It is our hope that You will real-ize that it is no accident that we offer You this post at this “time. ” Read it deeply. FEEL it in your physical body. USE it to potentize your NEW deep breath of Sovereignty!
    We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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