GOOD QUESTIONS… The Many Petals Of One Perfect Rose


Well, my last post on July 16th, “NEW Moon… Don’t Make it OLD!” created quite a stir– questions began flurrying in like snowflakes only minutes after I hit “publish!” And that is a very, very good thing, I’ve come to realize. Beyond good, actually. More like PERFECT. As in divine timing.

In fact, I’m realizing, seeing, intuiting, just plain knowing without knowing how, so much about why that is– all at once and then over and over again with even more reasons– that I’ve started to write this post about twenty times over the last three days. Every time, there was just too much information flowing through me to fit into a single linear thread… and every time, it came through with a different focus altogether.

While that may seem like a very weird experience (yep it is according to “normal”), and so overwhelming not to mention frustrating (yep) that one might assume I should just give up on it– NOPE. That would be a mistake. At least, it would be for anyone who wishes to be ALIVE in the moment, rather than NOT… and I just had to say it that strongly and I just have to hope you hear me… because attempting to live by following old schemas will just NOT WORK anymore.

I am NOT saying you’ll physically fall over dead if you try, however, lol… Nah, you just probably won’t like living in your own version of  “Ground Hog Day” very much, that’s all. And I’ve already lost a single “linear thread” for this post again, I just noticed…. I combined about five of them together in one sentence, instead.  Well, I’m glad I’m finally noticing when and how that happens!

I might even manage to get this one out if I keep that up, because I also just discovered that doing so will require holding onto more than one linear thread of thought. I am not being flooded with unrelated input that simply needs to be weeded out…. no, ALL of it is inter-related. In other words, there are many threads of awareness that, when intimately intertwined,  make up a whole NEW bigger thread. And it is that NEW thread that this post is actually about.

Yowza, do you see what I mean? This is BIG, this is how NEW unfolds! I really, really, want you to see, feel, what I’m experiencing so you can, too. Here’s one more very apt metaphor, in case it works better for you–
Expressing one linear strand of this post without including the others would be like offering you a rose petal and expecting you to receive the whole rose.

Stay with me NOW… because all of the petals have to do with why my post and your questions are divinely timed, and I’m going to do my very best to give you the whole rose. To see it, however, will require you to take IN what I’m writing in a more visual, non-linear way– just as you do with your eyes when you see many petals in a patterning that you recognize as one rose. And if you can do that, its part of your own divine plan, because that is multidimensional perception… and it will soon take you everywhere you want to go!

So, here are the biggest petals of this particular rose (or interwoven strands of one NEW thread, whichever metaphor works best for you)–
* On our last solstice of June 21st, 2015, all collective contracts of enslavement became null and void. This rendered all fear-based premises of “power over others,” such as servanthood, vicimhood, tyranny, and persecution, unworkable.
* Because the mindset of enslavement has run so deep in the human collective for so long, it has come to feel like “normal” to the many. Hence, many of the questions I received were about how to recognize it and how to get out of it.
* We NOW need to step into our NEW paradigm of what I call “sovereign authority,” free to live in whatever state-of-being we choose. In the doing, we are manifesting external realities that match the frequencies of our chosen states-of-being at an increasingly rapid pace.
* We recognize the frequencies of our chosen state-of being as “feeling states,” as I’ve mentioned before– and since the condition of our well-being is now our sovereign responsibility to choose, change, and maintain in every moment, a lot of the questions I received had to do with the “hows” of using our energetic technology to make such adjustments.
* A lot of questions also had to do with my suggestion that you use the new moon energy to amplify your chosen frequencies. Again “how” was the main question– how to work with external energy in that way– as well as how to step into one’s full sovereign authority in order to do so.
* Lastly, the divinely timed and very large galactic petal that holds, infuses, and empowers all of these processes– made of the stars, themselves. Yesterday, Venus went retrograde for the first time in 18 months. Today, Uranus goes retrograde for five whole months. This combination, timed as it is, and supported by many other planetary alignments in perfectly synchronized timing through the rest of this year, will virtually guarantee that we will not miss any left-over bits of “enslavement mindset” that is still operational within us.

So bravo, GOOD questions, one and all! And I will answer them all most conscientiously in synchronized alignment with the unfolding of the rose, itself… one rose petal at a time. Which means in a series of blog posts (just in case I lost you in the petals, lol!)… each providing the foundation for the next. And those of you who have used my “Power Toolkit for Energy Alchemists” know exactly why they will unfold that way.

In the meantime, use this post to see it as a single rose with many petals in its own right,  each essential and intrinsic to its “roseness”– or many strands woven into a single thread, if you prefer. Either rose or thread, see that there are many parts that together become something that is more than the sum of its parts, Then, practice seeing such interconnected patterns in everything, for they are there in everything!  If you do, what you will eventually begin to see is what you have always been looking for. You just didn’t have the eyes to see it with, yet.

EnJOY in JOY! I shall return… one rose petal at a time.


If you have taken in the energy offered through this post and found it to be of value to you, please offer your “feedback” with a reciprocal energy exchange, however small, by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. Not only will this amplify what you have received, but it will support Judith, who relies on such reciprocity, in continuing to offer these messages/lessons/frequencies to you. No amount is to small. If every reader offers only a dollar’s worth of energy– each offering would, indeed, become more than the sum of its parts– and of greatly appreciated value to Judith.



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