NEW Moon… Don’t Make it OLD!


New Moon. Whether you “think” that means anything to you personally or not is– get this, please, because it’s big– what you “think” it means  is IRRELEVANT.

On the other hand, if you “think” it means that the energy of the New Moon is going to do something for you, or bring you something– while you sit back and wait for “whatever happens”– that IS relevant. DON’T DO IT!

The days of being a passive, helpless receiver of “whatever” comes your way are over.
The days of “trying to be a good little boy or girl” so that God, or Source, or whatever you worship as a power greater than yourself… as your MASTER, in other words… will “have mercy on you” are over.

But stop and REALLY think for a minute…  Do you truly want to continue to live that way? If you do, so you will, and for as long as you want.
And you will receive exactly what you ask for… WANTING.

And you’ll become more and more DIS-illusioned when some “big daddy” in the sky refuses to GIVE you anthing BUT what  you are asking for, of course… which is more and more wanting. 

Dependency on something other than your own sovereign authority to create your happiness is a frequency that your universe will never align with about YOU, and never has.

NOW, however, your universe will only give you (and all of us that you are part of) evidence, as shockingly as you ask for it, that the days of living in the illusion of enslavement are OVER.

Believe me, I have spent the first half of this year immersed in experiencing all the ways it is becoming evident that the human right to remain enslaved has expired!
Do you KNOW the impact of that? Yowza.

Have you ALSO begun to experience it?
If so, take heart… you are NOT alone.
The frequency of enslavement runs deep in our human collective.

It has deprived our ancestors of giving and receiving the gifts they were born with to fully offer one another– and US, as well.
It has distorted LOVE into dependency, and so contaminated our most cherished relationships.
And it is OVER.

That is why I say that whether or not you “think” the power of the New Moon means anything personally to you is irrelevant, and expecting it to “do something for you” is even worse–  only because it will prolong everything you want to be free of.

So WHAT to do with the energy of the New Moon? USE IT!
Use it to amplify the frequencies of what you want.
USE IT as the servant it is there to be for YOU. ❤


Copyright (c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Greetings Beloved… most tender greetings, indeed.
    You are in your “time” of DIS-illusionment. We can feel from many of You that this phase of expansion was unexpected and so is a bit “rough” to experience… yes, MORE than a “bit” rough, perhaps. We know. Even those among you who understood that the releasing of old illusions is necessary to get FREE of them… well, it is one thing to expect and another to experience, is it not? We know that, too.
    DO take heart, as our Judith says in her post! There is no way to expand beyond illusions unless they are DISengaged from, and many of the ones You believed in most fervently were… “implanted” within You, shall we say. And all we wish to say about that for NOW is that it is the deepest weeds that are the roughest to pull, for the earth holds whatever is planted within her as her own without judgement… just as YOU have. But nothing that is not in alignment with the highest good of your earth OR You is allowed to sap your divine life force any longer, and that is something to CELEBRATE… at last! It is also why we send our tenderest frequencies to you NOW. Never doubt that You will THRIVE… at last!
    How we LOVE You. Always and in All ways– the celestial team


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