What Is Happening to Us This Week? WE ARE!


Speaking as an Energy Sensitive, I’ll tell you right at the top of this post that the powerfully transformative energies of this week are unprecedented in my lifetime. They began with a bang on Monday when the last Pluto/Uranus square in a cycle of seven became exact, and I have been spinning ever since.

Today, however, just as we hit the edges of our Vernal Equinox, I became aware that the spin was generated from a vortex that spins around ME… that I AM the spinner, the center of the vortex… that it is MY energy that propels it. Awesome!
And also DUH, I know, right?
Maybe, maybe not. Depends on what knowing means to you.

THIS week is birthing whatever we “think we know” OUT of its fetal stage as a cognitive construct, and INTO the flesh and blood awareness of FELT EXPERIENCE.
So all the patterns that we “thought we could not get out of” are coming up and whirling around us all at once, of course.

Lol! Watch them spin….like gossamer, are they not? Like cobwebs!
Can’t deny it any longer. WE have been the spinners.
And if you “think” you can deny it any longer … just TRY IT. But ONLY if you really, really, “think” you have to, because it will not be fun..

Otherwise, let it simply happen.
Allow the cosmos within you to show you your own show, and claim it as YOURS. Stop giving credit for your creations to anyone BUT you. Let go of blaming others for participating in your own creations! Then notice how repetitive all the acts in your show are. Let yourself FEEL the state they have kept you in… a continual bind of trying to get out of patterns while still hanging onto them… and do not abandon yourself in this process! It isn’t comfortable by any means, but once you get beyond the resistance to FEELING your own double bind, that is when you begin to KNOW it. And once you know it, a funny and miraculous thing happens…. the patterns that have held it in place begin to lose their power, and even start to seem ridiculous.

And when that happens, BRAVO. Have a  good laugh at/with yourself! Then, real- ize that you can turn it into a whole NEW show… and with far less energy than it took to keep the old one going, that’s for sure! You simply let go of your old show, be alive in the NOW, and pay attention to what is offered that is delicious and NEW… and you say YES.

Anything that you “think” is too good to be true, too scary to trust… NOW is the time to believe in those things. Magic is in the air NOW… the magic to re-member your dreams and begin to spin them around you… the magic to believe in LOVE, which is the source of magic, itself. You have waited so long for it, avoided it at least a million times, as we all have… but don’t do it, not NOW!
Because we all share the same dream, and we MISS one another.

P.S. Just got reminded to remind you that I’m offering 30 min. private sessions for the energy exchange of $50 through 3/23. It’s posted on my FB page. Anyway, they are filling up fast, so let me know asap if you want one of them to be yours! 


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