3.5.15 Awarenesses In The Light Of The Full Virgo Moon

Does it feel as if everything is already going FASTER THAN EVER in these first few days of March? Changes coming and going in and out of nowhere? Sudden endings and/or beginninings of relationships that leave you gasping “What just HAPPENED?” Emotional roller coaster rides that take you from very high to very low in NO time? Has it even felt as if your entire perception of “who you are” just went up in smoke (or down like a house of cards)?

Yep. You’re right. Everything’s going that fast… or seems to be, anyway.

Actually, it’s YOU who’s going fast– which is WHY “everything” looks like its speeding by. Remember how, when you’re on a fast train, the scenery looks like its flying by you, when its actually YOU who is flying through the scenery?

That’s exactly what’s happening NOW. And, since its YOU that’s flying, whatever you do, do NOT put on a seatbelt! There’s no SEAT, for one thing (except your own, which goes where you go, lol). For another, strapping ANYTHING on would only create resistance to your very own speed (which almost always shows up as “problems” to slow you down, which are no fun at all.)

The ONLY way to speed and be still simultaneously is to head for the core of the stillness WITHIN YOU. It’s like going HOME… You can rest, breathe a sigh of relief, remember that no matter how fast the scenery appears to fly by, YOU are the one who is flying… Just as YOU are also the one sitting in the stillness, as the remarkable vehicle that is your expression in form does the flying FOR YOU.


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