RELATIONSHIP MAGIC Begins Within… Does Your Inner Magician Need a Tune-up?


Everything we experience, we experience IN RELATIONSHIP. No exceptions. We are in continual, fluid, ever-shifting relationships no matter WHAT we are doing or not doing, no matter WHO we are with or not with.

In fact, we are in many relationships simultaneously all the “time.” Each one affects the others. Each one affects relationships we aren’t even currently engaging in physically. ALL are affected– including the future ones we are creating with every choice we make in every current moment.

This awareness has become an astounding revelation to me of late. Of course, I learned that “NOW is all there is” in my shamanic studies, but never before have I seen, felt, really known the truth of that in my being… before NOW.  In my experience, external reflections of my inner processes are happening so fast NOW that they no longer even seem separate. Instead, they blur and merge together, an infinite number of expressions of how I am relating to my relationship with my own life.

So this awareness that NOW is the only moment of power– that how we “do” relationships in every NOW not only is informed by our past relationships, but informs all of our future ones– seems cucial as we enter 2015. I sense that the more we hold that awareness and live in it, the less we will recreate painful experiences of heartbreak, for one thing. For another, the more we will begin to create relationships that sing in loving harmony.

If you haven’t yet experienced that astounding awareness of “interconnection,” I have no doubt that you will very soon. It is a very NEW experience, after all. But we are ready for it NOW, so simply watch for the signs, listen to the guidance of your heart, and trust it.

Depending on the circumstance you need to create in order to discover this awareness, it may seem radically counter to what you “think you already know,” however. And just as a heads up… if you are still relying on old lenses of perception, you might just “think” you are going crazy. Rest assured. You are not. Far from it, lol.

Still, it won’t be all that funny to experience. (Trust me, I tried it out already.) Since everything (including us) is evolving and changing so rapidly, and everything is manifesting faster and faster, it will get less and less funny pretty fast, too. So, one thing that seems important to focus on in this post, in this particular moment, is that we cannot create what we WANT by using the methods that have created what we DON’T want.

I know, that isn’t a NEW awareness. Einstein made the same observation a century ago. But what IS new is that NOW, we have begun to LIVE it. I talk to clients every day who can’t figure out why they aren’t experiencing the NEW fruits of their desires– even though they are using the same old habits, beliefs, and perspectives.

It takes conscious focus, and sticking to it, to create something NEW. One might call that a shift in consciousness. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Needless to say, I’m focusing on that shift in consciousness constantly myself, both in my own process as well as in my service to others.

So, because I know that the best (meaning easiest and fastest) way to set a strong foundation for an inner shift is through IMMERSION, I found myself re-listening to the Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings I presented in the last six months of 2015. When I say “found myself” listening to them, I mean that pretty literally, btw. I just opened up to my desire to immerse myself in living in each present relationship as if it was ALL relationships, and the next thing you know, I was suddenly interested in listening to the tele-gatherings!

That is the way inspiration comes these days. Not through planning and “trying,” but by allowing… and allowing yourself to be curious and follow it. And listening to the tele-gatherings was a whole other revelation in itself. A radical one, too (since I’m the one who presented them, remember?)… I heard them NEW. Fuller, richer. like an ocean of immersion into awareness.

Although they were offered during the last part of 2014 as preparation, I see that it was not their only purpose. NOW that we are beginning to experience exactly what they were all about, their purpose has shifted to IMMERSION in what already IS… which requires exactly the shift in consciousness that the tele-gatherings are innundated with.

So, I’m NOW offering recordings of the Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings that were held for the last six months of 2014 to YOU. They are, indeed, an experience of IMMERSION– mentally, physically, emotionally, along with meditations and plenty of energetic assistance– that very personally attune to each individual.

So without further ado (I’ll leave that to your own discernment) here is the offer–

 2014 Energy Tele-Gatherings
*July, August, and October Recordings– $12.00 each
(September’s recording vanished. What more can I say?)
*All 3 recordings– $30.00

*Unlimited playback of Nov. and Dec. Energy Tele-Gatherings– $12.00 each
*Access to Unlimited Playback for Both– $24.00

*All 5 Tele-Gatherings (3 recordings, 2 unlimited playback–  $50.00

To order:
*Offer your reciprocal energy exchange (aka “payment”)  via paypal to
*Note what you are ordering (ex. July Recording)
*Your recording and/or playback access codes will be sent to you
within 48 hours.

Questions? Ask them here, or email them to me at

Namaste ❤


Copyright(c)2015, Judfith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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    Hear, HEAR, Beloved!
    IMMERSE yourSELVES indeed… THROUGH one another, WITH one another, BECAUSE of one another.
    We Love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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