January 4th, First Full Moon of 2015- This is a VERY BIG Full Moon!

Full moon in Cancer today, rising her level gaze to our mighty sun as it sets in Capricorn. Cancer and Cap are like yin and yang. Feminine nurturance and intuitive wisdom rising in our skies. Masculine authority, the enforcer of rules, bowing and conceding to her.


As above, so below.
We are changing direction, and not only that, but changing the way we perceive movement entirely. I can already feel the changes. My orientation of purpose is shifting… but more about that soon. For NOW, I’ll simply say that we are entering a year in which RELATIONSHIP is everything.

Look to your relationships in the light of our full moon. Begin with your relationship to every aspect of yourSELF. Then look to see how they are reflected in your relationships with others in your life. And if you DON’T see the reflections, you aren’t looking clearly or honestly enough.They ARE there.

Look again, KNOWING that… because If you SEE them, you will have the epiphany you need– even if it doesn’t “seem like one”– to begin to live RELATIONALLY in a conscious way. And that will be your key to all the doors that have been locked to you… until you SAW them.

This is a BIG full moon! This is a BIG year we are entering! YOU are bigger and more powerful than you know, and you are about to find that out… so celebrate! Dance in the moonight, dance the way you always wanted to but never dared. Dare to be outrageous… dare to SHINE.


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Beloved, here is our first message of your year 2015. Yes, we said “our!” And yes, that is exactly what we meant. We understand that this may seem confusing to some– after all, this is a reblog from our Judith’s “earthly website,” as she calls it! And, even though SHE well understands why we claim this post as ours, she was quite hestant to take the step of sharing it as HERS, as well… we had to “twist her arm” a bit, as you say. But it is the truth, she knows it, and so here it is. Oh, we will say much more about this apparent contradiction of terms very soon, do not worry! For NOW, simply take this message in from us, WITHOUT worrying about “who is who.” If You feel the frequencies of the celestial team, then receive them. If You feel our Judith’s, receive them. If You feel both, RECEIVE them both! The important thing is that You take the message in as YOURS, and USE it as your own.
    Ah, what a big year of surprises You have entered! Congratulations, Beloved. We are very, very proud.
    How we love You! Always and in ALL Ways– the celestial team


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