New Video, Solstice Energy Tele-Gathering… A Whole Lot of Magic to Integrate!


NEW VIDEO: The Resistance/Attachment Bind– How to Free Yourself!
This is the fourth “of a piece.” The alchemy of transformational change is generated sequentially, with each phase setting the foundation for the next. If you wish to use this one optimally, the prior three need to be sequentially viewed and integrated. They are:

The Human Wound– The Truth that Will Set You Free

The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes!

The Alchemy of Self-Cherishing

SOLSTICE ENERGY TELE-GATHERING, December 21st at 5:00 p.m. pstd.
This is it, the doorway through “time” when past transmutes into future. Don’t walk through it alone.
Join us by phone or skype from wherever in the world you are.
Receive whatever YOU need to step into your dreams. They are REAL.
To Register:
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15.00 via paypal to
Note it “Solstice Energy Tele-Gathering.”
The international dial-in number for your physical location and the access code to the gathering will be sent to you.
To access the recording afterwards:
From the U.S.: Offer an additional energy exchange of $5.00 with your registration.
From outside of the U.S.: Note that you would like to receive a recording. I’ll be in touch.

Private Follow-up Session of 40 minutes for $55 are offered to all participants throughout December.

MAGIC, as defined by my edition of Webster’s, is “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.” My experience of the energies we are in as we move closer to our final solstice of the year are numinously alive with exactly that. My experiences are subtly radiating NEW meaning, in a way I can only describe as a glow that comes from within them.

Btw, neither NUMINOUS or numinosus– the experience that numinosity expresses– is defined in my Websters. (Probably because its numinosity defies literal translation.) However, my Jungian dictionary describes a numinosum as “the influence of an invisible presence that causes a peculiar alteration of consciousness.”

Feeling as if I’m in flux is a given, then!

My Jungian dictionary also points out Jung’s experiential sense that “… a prior readiness to trust a transcendent power is a pre-requisite for the experience of the numinosum.
“A prior readiness…”

 It is that “prior readying” process that I have been engaged in throughout all of 2014. I knew it was “our Year of Integration.” I knew it was a cornerstone year for moving out of old, into NEW.

But unless actions are taken to integrate “conceptual knowledge” into knowing through experience…well, to be blunt, concepts get us nowhere. Left to wither un-REAL-ized, they become only brain toys, and the brain gets bored very quickly. (This is something I have learned “experientially,” thank you very much.)

I could go on and on about this. Having been born without the 3d filter that tunes out multidimensional perspective, every awareness I have shoots off into other awarenesses like fireworks. All of them are “of a piece.” Through the linear 3d perspective, that interconnected “piece” isn’t perceived– in which case I’m perceived as “not staying on track.” Lol.

That, I’m used to. But when I’m communicating something that resonates as very important to share, I want to stay on whatever “track” necessary to at least bring as much through as possible, before I’m tuned out entirely. So let me just drop the “expanding awarenesses” for NOW and get very focused in a linear sort of way… because what I’m sharing does feel numinously important. 

What an amazing game we are all playing together in integrating ourselves whole!

I’ve presented a series of videos through the second half of this year, and am about to give you the last of the series in this post. I also began to offer monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings in the second half of this year. The last one “just happens” to fall on 12/21, about one hour into the peaking of our final solstice of the year.

Taken “all of a piece,” the videos and tele-gatherings shoot off fireworks of awareness about a NEW Way of Being. It is a radical change. It is also, I’m numinously perceiving, THE CHANGE we were born to step into.

Since change is not a concept but an experiential process, its up to you to discern whether or not you even want to step into it NOW, of course! It is also up to you to discern whether my frequencies resonate with yours in a way that is  numinously recognizable. If they don’t… they don’t, that’s all.

But then find others who do! That is my heartfelt call to you. We cannot pretend to be “alone” anymore. The treadmill of isolation is fading fast.


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    There will never be a moment as powerful as NOW.
    There will never be a moment more powerful than NOW.
    There will never come a “better time” than NOW to leap into the dreams you have NOW, than NOW.
    — the celestial team

  1. Judith Dagley – New Video, Solstice Energy Tele-Gathering… A Whole Lot Of Magic To Integrate! – 9 December 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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