UPDATE On AUGUST ENERGY TELE-GATHERING, 8.17, 5:00 pm-6:30 pm pstd!

FYI, whoever you are– ONE SPOT has opened for the AUGUST ENERGY TELE-GATHERING, tomorrow 8/17, 5:00 pm-6:30 pm pstd!

It was full until this afternoon, when two spots suddenly opened again. Someone was waiting for one of them, which leaves ONE still open (at the moment). And I know it has somebody’s name is on it, because the same thing happened last month. It amazes me, the way these tele-gatherings are energetically “alive” and constantly forming, shaping, “becoming,” long before they seemingly begin. I also know we’ll be covering some pretty radical changes that have occurred since last month. Just a few–

Molecular Thoughts“Linear” is gone. Past, present, and future are blurring into NOW. Every single interaction we have involves WAY more than meets the eye. The playing field has expanded, in other words. We all feel it. Tomorrow at the tele-gathering, we’ll get what we need in order to claim that feeling as KNOWING, and how to play the NEW game (in order to be ready for the next one, of course!). So, whoever you are who either hesitated to join us, or are just realizing you WANT to– your spot opened up for you. Welcome!

Oh, and one more update (this one even caught me by surprise, lol)– Right after the July Energy Tele-Gathering, a private 40 minute follow-up session was offered  to all participants for the reciprocal energy exchange of $55.00. Well, that offer is NOW in place, not only for August, but for all monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings throughout 2014!


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Yes, Beloved… “whoever YOU are,” as our Judith so discreetly put it… ah, how we beam our frequencies of what You call “smiling” into those words! We know You, of course, as You know we do, as You know us– it is all ONE knowing we share. Read our Judith’s post, then, and see the proof of that. Never are You alone. (You are very far from that, indeed, despite illusions otherwise!) Never are You unheard, never are You unanswered– the hearing/ answering occur simutaneously. And NEVER are You NOT manifesting with every frequency You claim as your own!
    How we honor You, love You, and are at your service, Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

  2. WhiteBuffalo

     /  August 17, 2014

    Hi Judith 😉
    I believe that spot that opened up night be for me! At least, I truly hope so. I am unfamiliar with how to actually sign up though, could you point me in the right direction whenever you have a moment? I would greatly appreciate it 🙂
    Love and Light to you my friend and thank you for your wonderful creations and gatherings,

    • If you feel called to be there, so you shall. You can send your Recprocal Energy Exchange of $15.00 by pressing the “donate tab” tab in the right sidebar. Or, if you want more info, go to http://www.thecelestialteam.com, click on “Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings!” at the top of the page. It will also tell you how to register immediately, as well as about the gatherings, themselves. It is very simple–but IMMEDIATELY is the operative word! The tele-gathering is at 5;00 pm pstd today, and I can’t accept anymore participants after 3:15 pm pstd!
      Much Love/Light to you, my friend– Judith


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