8.1.14 Frequency Lesson– ONE.

Frequency Lesson–
The lesson is that the lessons are no longer separate. No longer consecutive as the word is defined– “a linear sequence without interruption.” (Ha, forget THAT old dinosaur.)

Picture yourSelf as a light SO bright and SO focused that it only appears to be a pinpoint.

Do NOT dismiss the “seemingly miniscule” as irrelevant any longer!
As above, so below.

The source of ALL is birthed from a single seed– just as YOU were.
And the birthing process never ends.

Picture yourSELF, then, as a pinpoint of white light, SO bright, SO potent through its laser focus that it has the power to create every reflection that you see around you as YOUR OWN.

SEE yourSelf!
FEEL yourSelf, pulsing out the frequencies that are expressions of YOU in every moment. Be CONSCIOUS of your own creations, AS you create them, through every thought, every emotional activation… and see your own power of creation reflected around you.

All of the doing and trying and struggling and projections of judgments onto others in order to avoid our own power–lest we feel ashamed– must STOP.

The only shame is in the avoidance, and it is childsplay. You/we have ougrown it. All of the angst is simply outgrowing pains.

How do I know that? Because I am experiencing them, too. And to grow beyond them, I have learned that I need to FACE them, and be willing to speak aloud about them.

Hang concerns about “what others might think!”
How silly that seems at this point. Who cares, when nothing about NOW could ever be understood through “thought,” anyway? When my/our very spirit cries for nothing less than to expand beyond the bondage of such concerns… and into the frredom of integrity?

And the more we honor that cry, the more others will as well… although NOT necessarily, in the moment we feel we need them to. THAT I have learned experientially.

And I have also learned that is because I do NOT need them to.
So, I say to you–
NOW is the time to stop “thinking” that you “need” or “know.”

NOW is time to be still and know that you/we are God.


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