7/11/14 Capricorn Full Supermoon in Cancer– Say YES and RECEIVE!

Are you by any chance feeling as if the energy around you has been becoming increasingly “different” as this day has progressed? If so, excellent! You are discerning frequencies.

And if you are feeling this different, almost liquid-feeling energy begin to fill you as well– fabulous! You said “yes” to receiving and so USING it.

The “yes” is key. Energies are offering to serve you from every aspect of life NOW– from fellow humans, nature, and pure syncronicity out of the blue. But none CAN, of course, unless you allow yourself to RECEIVE them.

If you DID say “yes” to receiving the energy you are feeling right NOW, know that you have accessed some very potent energy at your service. It is being delivered to you by our extraordinary Capricorn full supermoon as it absorbs and reflects the energy of Cancer, its 180 degree opposite. It wil overflow in fullness at 4:25 AM pst. tomorrow morning  (7/12).

yin_and_yang__Oriental_MysticismThis is Father/Mother energy, joining as ONE.
It is structure integrating fluidity.
It is rigidity giving way to flexibility.
It is stern discipline weeping with compassion.
It is action honoring the guidance of inspiration.

It can be the male and female energies within YOU, making love together– if you say “yes.”

Make space for love within yourSELF, then. Release shame, self- judgments, and simply ALLOW yourSelf to integrate and reclaim your truth– which is that you are ONE, you are LOVE, you are WHOLE, you are LOVED.


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    You are LOVE, You are WHOLE, You are LOVED, You are ONE.
    And so it is. Always and in All Ways.
    — the celestial team

  2. Reblogged this on franheal and commented:
    Wonderful Judith. Thank you!!❤️

  3. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    I like her take on this.

  4. bluetexts

     /  July 12, 2014

    The other day as I was meditating/taking a nap after work I felt an energy flow.
    And then I felt as if connected to a charger as this energy started filling me.

    At the time it felt as if I got about half a charge, but thinking about it now I get that it was just a reasonable amount, as it is impossible to get a full charge when you are an unlimited being …

  5. James

     /  July 4, 2015

    ❤ Love you Judith

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