7.6.14 Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings! Get Oriented in Your NEW Paradigm of Being– Welcome to Wonderland!

The first manifests SUNDAY, JULY 20th from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm PST.

The gatherings will continue to be held on the third Sunday of each month throughout the second half of 2014, our Year of Integration. WHY? Because YOU asked for them, of course. You wanted a nice, warm, supportive, place to come and get updates, tools to use as an energetic being, and to ASK YOUR QUESTIONS. Because you’re tired of how “hard” the old ways are NOW (especially since they don’t even “work” anymore!). Because you not only don’t want to run on the old treadmills any longer– you CAN’T. Because you feel as if your life is “falling apart”– or even more shocking, that you are breaking it apart through your own astonishing actions.

Well, BRAVO. It means you have MOVED ON. It means that you are “not in Kansas anymore.” As I said in an earlier tele-gathering, a map of Kansas is useless if one is in Tahiti. But you are beyond the Tahiti metaphor NOW. You are not even in the 3rd dimension anymore… so “down the rabbit hole” would probably be a better metaphor. Except for the frequencies of the word “down”… “Wonderland” is pretty good, though. But you know all that! You KNOW you’re in a whole NEW Paradigm of BEING. You just have to integrate yourself into your NEW “reality media,” that’s all– which is ENERGY, of course–in order to use it. (You have gotten really good at communicating energetically, by the way, and at manifesting, do you know that?) So let’s get on with it, shall we?

To JOIN the Tele-Gathering–
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $15.00 via paypal by pressing the “Donate” button in the right sidebar of http://www.thecelestialteam.com. (It is fine to offer more into the circuit if you intuitively feel to invest more of your energy into yourSelf. However, $15.00 is what I’m “getting” as the basic activating amount, and so will serve you perfectly well otherwise.)

To PREPARE for the Tele-Gathering–
It would be a good idea to watch/take in my last video, “The Human Wound- The Truth That Will Set You Free,” at least twice. (There is a whole lot in there.) You can find it in the “Love/Light Videos Library” on thecelestialteam.com
Read the posts offered on this site, take them in, too, see how they resonate, how they serve you– and how they do NOT– because THAT will be exactly what you will want to ASK A QUESTION ABOUT.
Bring YOUR QUESTION. (And don’t be shy! But even if you are, I’m sure someone else will ask it for you.)

Okay, that’s about it, except whoops, two more things–
The first is to let you know that these will be global gatherings, so no matter where in the world you are, I will send you the phone number for your country and the access code that will “open the door” for you. You’ll receive them via email within 72 hours of activating the circuit through your recprocal energy exchange. (If you don’t, better let me know!)
The second is that, in order to answer every question, the gatherings must be intimate, which means around 15 participants max. So if you really feel called from within to be there, I’d suggest activating your energy circuit asap. That said, if a whole lot more of you trickle in after that “cut-off number’ has been met… no worries. I’ll figure something out. Maybe I’ll need to hold TWO monthly gatherings. If so, that’s cool. We’ll see what happens, and dance to the music… because what I DO know is that NOBODY gets “cut off” or left out… not on MY dance floor.


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.juditrhdagley.wordpress.com


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Welcome to Wonderland, indeed, Beloved! It is about “time,” is it not? In truth, You are “out of time,” entirely! Isn’t that wonderful? The monthly tele-gatherings that our Judith will be presenting are in response to your own call of readiness– to “get up to speed” with yourSELF, you might aptly say. And You KNOW You are AWARE of that, even if You “think you are not” — and we know You know! Isn’t it exciting, to KNOW how multidimensional You are? Doesn’t that KNOWING resonate with ringings of grateful truth within You? Well, soak in it, bathe in it, never let it go, Beloved, for it is YOUR truth NOW. The old programs of enslavement, of “struggle for survival,” are obsolete. They will no longer serve You for any purposes at all. Do not believe they will for another moment. Instead, DO join us in these tele-gatherings, and we ask that on behalf of your personal guides, the angelic realms… my goodness, the whole cosmos desires to be there to support You as You step into your own radiance! Do not laugh at what we tell You, nor dismiss it, please. Do not, any longer, dismiss your own SELF. NOTHING need be “hard” any longer. Join us, let our frequencies trigger your memory of how EASY it is to be You, and how much fun You are in your NEW Paradigm of Being!
    Ah, how we love Your Light… Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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