The Nitty-Gritty: What Does Transformation FEEL Like?

I know I’ve said many times that the way to transform your “reality” into one that is in alignment with your dreams is to simply hold the frequencies of how you want your NEW “reality” to feel. And that is true. It is frequency that creates form. But since the energies of  “2014; Our Year of Integration”  are, indeed, proving it to be our “Year of Integration,” we’ve also moved onto what I call “The  Fast Track as Reality Creators.”  The way I know that  is through experiencing it.

Being claircognizant– meaning energy sensitive to the point of not only feeling energy but reading it–  I’m also getting a BIG “hit”  that I need to start sharing more about what I experience and “read.”  I need to step up to the plate, in other words, and put into action a whole lot of “hits” I’ve been getting… but that I’ve been so busy integrating myself that I  barely catch my breath to articulate it before the next one comes. (Which gives you a good example of how fast this “Fast Track” is moving!)

The first action I’m inspired to create is a whole series of Tele-Gatherings, addressing  all aspects of what “the integration of the opposites”  feels like…the nitty gritty experiential,  process of bringing all aspects of being a Divinely Human Reality Creator into alignment. The reason that’s important NOW is because its only to the degree we are aligned on all levels that we function effectively in actualizing the joy of living the very reasons we are here! So, expect to hear more from me about the Tele-Gatherings series as it unfolds, which on this “Fast Track” will likely be very soon.

For the moment, however, I want to leave you with what  is probably the most relevant, juiciest,  “Fast Track tip” for this particular moment–
Processing the old and painful while simultaneously living through actions you are taking to create the NEW.
The reason I bring this up NOW is because it is a multidimensional experience, and its “time” to get used to it because it is NOW the way we get out of where we were and into where we belong. What it entails is to feel the old and painful as it comes up, and take actions that are in alignment with the NEW, all at once. This process of handling the frequencies of both can be tricky until you get used to realizing that you are a mutidimensional being,  always have been, and  NOW  you need to start operating as one.

So,  the point I want to communicate is that when the old and painful comes up, it feels very “real,”  because the emotions are so intense. Usually, they are based on a core truaumatic issue that has not been resolved, and so  has, instead, been well-entrained by repetitive life situations that resonate with it.  Therefore, any actions that you take that are in alignment with the NEW, which feels quite ephemeral by comparison, are likely to feel extremely wooden or mechanical, at first.

PERSIST! Pause to cry, to breathe, to rest as you process the old, but experience all of those  with the framework of forward movement! Imagine a journey. One stops to refuel, repair, rest–but the stops are only pauses within the journey, made in order to be able to continue it!  Sometimes the terrain will be rugged, and so the actions you take will be halting. Sometimes, you will sail along, then suddenly thick fog will obscure your vision. Sometimes, you will “think” you’ve found your destination, only to be disappointed– until you discover that it gave you the critical tools you needed in order to get there!

All of the above can happen in a day, or an hour, or a week, depending on how we navigate through the illusion of “time.” Persist! Keep your desination at the center of your journey, and keep moving. I will say mch more about this in the first in the series of Tele-Gatheringings about the nitty-gritty of integration–which is expansion– but I just wanted to give you this one big “heads up for NOW.”





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  1. Priscilla R

     /  June 30, 2014


    I was feeling & doing this exact ‘multi dimensional’ operating when I decided to read this email! I have been struggling with the old and getting caught upon the fear,anxiety,sadness and loneliness of all that old rubbish!

    There has been an inexplicable sense of direction within me that reminds me everything will be ok and that I’m livening in new moments,free to make my choices as I go and I am aiming for what my heart desires and for what seems natural to me.

    It’s quite exhausting at times I’ve realized. Pulling myself back,remembering how brave I have been and that I cannot worry about all the things that cross my mind. It’s almost a constant job in itself – which is funny as I am between jobs at the moment!

    I don’t enjoy the pull or the panic of the past,but I also realize it was a useful tool in past times of ‘survival’. I can’t wait for it to start paying off…to feel accomplished! To feel the step under my feet so I can progress to all the other things I have been waiting for…one at a time. And with each step comes responsibility,but I feel ready to get closer to those and past these old swampy ruins.

    In saying that I know I also do have a lot to be thankful for and that I have come a long way and should remember that. I suppose it’s the impatience…and the eagerness & excitement as well…

    Ah….so many feelings and thoughts at once… 

    • Priscilla, thank you for sharing your experience of what this process of transformation feels like. It can. indeed, feel chaotic and confusing. It also feels exhausting while still exgaged in a third dimensional “way of being,: so be very gentle and compassionatw with yourself– especially if/when you lose your still-tenuous balance and find yourself “acting out” the old patterns and so creating drama, This can be quite appalling, particularly if we find ourselves lashing out at others, which can then cause us to contract into shame, self-blame, and so begin to lash out at ourselves, thus becoming victims of our own self persecution!
      Please remember if/when that happens that you can simply catch yourself, STOP, and apologive once you’ve reqained your equilibrium.
      Please remember as well that we are all wlling participants in this process, and so YOUR willingness to take responsibility for your own misguided actions and aplogize for them may be EXACTLY what the other needs most in order to expand beyond that old self-victiming template!
      I’m not sure why mentioning this has come up and so into my response to you– but I trust that there is some very good reason– if not for you, then for another who will “just happen” to read it. If that’s the case, then thank YOU for being the catalyst. We ARE all interconnected, after all, and the web of circuitry that connects us is NOW up and running!
      Much expansive Lov/Light to you– Judith

  1. Judith Dagley – The Nitty-Gritty: What Does Transformation FEEL Like? – 30 June 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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