6.5.14 Update Alert! You’re Not Who You Think You Are!

Here’s a “Hit of the Day” I just have to share, because it feels like a big one–

Update alert!

You are no longer the being you define yourself as! Trust me.

Better yet, the minute after you read this, check that out for yourself.

Sit down with pen and paper, and list your self-descriptions.

Notice how many do not apply any longer, not more than “sorta, kinda, sometimes, “anyway.

That is because you are OUTGROWING them.

This is IMPORTANT to notice right NOW, so that you can let them go.

Quite literally, they are containers that have grown too small for your spirit.
radiant growing-green-plant

Rise and Shine!



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  1. Ascension Angels

     /  June 5, 2014

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    Thank you for your wit, wisdom and sunshine, Judith 😀


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