The Cardinal Grand Crossroads into LIVING Your Dreams… is NOW!

The Cardinal Grand Cross! Its been building for decades, and in the wee hours of the morning 4/22, it will all fall exquisitely into place.

With Pluto in Capricorn at thirteen degrees, Mars in Libra at 13 degrees, Jupiter in Cancer at thirteen degrees, and Uranus in Aries at thirteen degrees, one could perceive this as four powerful planets coming together in a chaotic “war of the titans.”

OR… one can perceive this momentous event as a “balancing of the opposites,” and USE it to align oneself into integrity once again…WHOLENESS, in other words.

If one chooses the latter, this is the energy that timeline jumps and quantum leaps are made of… the energy that DREAMS are made of. So DO use it, and very CONSCIOUSLY!

Remember that whatever you focus on this week, you are manifesting into form. Within 3 months, you will begin to LIVE IN what you are creating NOW. So focus on your dreams and nothing else!

LIVE in the frequencies of your dreams, and you will, quite literally, be making them them come true.

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    Beloved, your Grand Cross is upon You…and please be clear, this exquisitely potent event is NOT something that is being IMPOSED upon You! it is there at your own bidding–YOU are the ones who called your planets to perform this service for You. And it was not an easy one for them to “pull off, as You say! It took decades of very complex celestial planning and configuring to create this momentous event that You, in your sovereign power, commanded. And so it is. — the celestial team

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  3. Ascension Angels

     /  April 22, 2014

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    Thank you Judith… for reminding us we really are Dreamworkers in the Golden Age of Light! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this update Judith! Hope all is well!

  1. Judith Dagley – The Cardinal Grand Crossroads Into LIVING Your Dreams… Is NOW! – 22 April 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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