The Grand Crossroad

Judith here, just letting you know that I’m reblogging this celestial message here because it addresses the opportunity that the Cardinal Grand Cross is bringing to we humans so succintly that I could not have humanly said it better. Although the energy of this momentous planetary event will peak on April 23rd, we are entering it at this very moment. NOW is the “time” to pay attention! It truly is a “Grand Crossroad,” and the choices we make NOW and throughout the week to come will define our paths for the next couple of decades. We can either choose to stay on the path we “know,” or literally make a “timeline jump” onto one that is beyond what we know. Yep, that means beyond the boundaries of the familiar, beyond the limitations of any expectations based on past experience, beyond the confines of dualistic “moral judgments” of right/wrong, good bad/ either/or. It is a path of freedom. To choose it, every step is taken from LOVE– restrained by nothing. The fear of loving without restraint , the belief that it makes one “too vulnerable to being hurt,” the misuse, mistrust, and maligning of the gift of feeling emotions fully– all of these must be dropped like useless baggage in order to choose the road of freedom. All one need is the compass of their emotions. Set it at the frequency of LOVE, and follow it. Start right NOW!

the celestial team

Beloved, this is the celestial team. We greet You with LOVE as always. We also feel a sense a sense of urgency to transmit our message to You at this moment of your time, this weekend before the peaking of your Cardinal Grand Cross. In honor of the urgency, we will concentrate our message into a few well chosen words, rather like a meditation, for we do not want to risk losing your attention.

It is most important, on this weekend before your Grand Cross, that You pay scrupulous attention to your emotions, for they are your true compass at this “time.”  It is most important that You do not fall asleep in habitual  methods of running on the “treadmill of logic.”  We tell You this because You ARE at a crossroads, as is everyone that is part of the ALL of your collective.

There are “habits of being” that…

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  1. Thank you lovely Judith for these beautiful messages…

    Mary Cousineau


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