New Video; Integrating Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies, HUMAN Style!

Well, 2014 is already proving to be our big “Year of Integration,” that’s for sure. As the energies quicken, life is “happening” faster, so our need to make strong choices is also quickening, and each choice is manifesting outcomes with increasingly rapidity. And, don’t forget that April is perhaps the most powerfully dynamic “crossroads month” of the entire year!

We are moving into the really big doings right NOW, in fact. The fullmoon/full lunar ecplise is on the 14/15 (depemding where you are on the planet). Then comes the peak of the planetary Grand Cross on the 23rd, followed by the new moon/solar eclipse on the 29th. Which means that we are at this very moment heading into an energetic dynamo for the rest of the month. So fasten yourself in the NOW, choose the highest frequency you can hold, get ready to HOLD IT with every once of your sovereign free will– and expect the unexpected! Get ready to play like a Master, in other words, because there’s bound to be a few fast balls coming from left field, which will require equally fast choice-making on your part. And each one is likely to be a game-changer.

Whatever you do, do not cringe when you read these words! This would be a very good time to believe in how powerful your thoughts and emotions are before you create experiences that match them. Especially since, if f you choose to engage with it, this energy could be the most amazing best friend you’ve ever had. It will keep you focused in the moment and out of your head, wrench old limiting expectations right out of your grasp, show you how strong you can be when you get out of your own way, and lift you into being freer and more powerful than you’ve ever known you could be. Why miss out on even a bit of that by choosing to feel like victim, when the entire universe is encouraging you to stand firmly in your full power and use it?

Which brings me to the reason for this video about how to integrate your Divine Masculine and Divine Femine energies. Oh I know, I’ve already written posts and made videos about the importance of this before… how, when integrated, they become an electromagnetic power of very high voltage. And how, when integrated, WE become masters at creating our external “reality” in inspired, effortless, seemingly magical ways. And obviously, we each have both of those energies within us because they are ours, and obviously we need to integrate them and be whole in order to use them.

Well,  guess what? NOW is the “time.” No more snooze button– we need to use them integrated right NOW! The rare crossroads this dynamic April energy presents is the choice to take a quantum leap onto a NEW road, altogether, as fully, operationally whole and powerful– to finally know who we are when we’re intact, and live that way. Yep,  this is showtime, and you are the star… IF you choose, of course. Its your show, after all!

That said, just in case you have been snoozing rather than paying much heed to integrating your own Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, please don’t panic! The universe is completely at your service. As I speak of in the video, there are illustrations, circumstances, and very personal  guidance designed to facilitate your integration into Wholeness literally everywhere these days. If you choose to see, you will find that life, itself, has become quite magical on our behalf as we go through these energy activations. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I tell you that daily life has become a virtual “living parable,” guiding us through our integration every step of the way, and through the most ordinary, commonplace, human experiences. “Divine guidance within the mundane,” you might aptly call it; easily seen, felt, digested, in whatever ways will personally serve the divine human that is YOU.

Well, of course! This is divine integration “human style,” after all, and that’s what this video is all about.
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