Allow Yourself to Gestate!

I want to share a question a client asked me yesterday, as well as my response to it, because it seems to be “THE QUESTION” every client asks me these days, albeit in their own, unique ways–

“I make lists of what I want to accomplish every day, and ticking them off fuels my momentum. But lately, I seem to have lost all my motivation. I don’t even see the point of doing things that have always been really important to me! All I want to do is lay around and vegetate, which is very new, and scary because its not like me at all.  How did I get so stuck?”

And my response–
As I attune to your energies, they (you) feel very far from “stuck!” Quite the opposite, just as you said yourself– what you are experiencing is NEW. And how, and where, is NEW created on this planet?

All but the most primitive of our plants form underground, deep within the earth, before shooting upward and out into the sunlight. The same is true for the animal kingdom in one way or another, and most especially for mammals. Creation begins deep within the body. The birthing comes later, once the form is ready… IF the inner creation has been allowed to gestate.

I am sure you “know” all that, of course, so please bear with me while I ask YOU a question: Since you are a soul embodied in human form– classified scientifically as a “homo sapien” member of the animal kingdom– why would your own birthings of NEW SELF be any different? It sounds to me as if you are in the same process that many of us are–you are gestating!

Such is the “law of creation” throughout our universe, by the way. Always, it begins energetically, remains hidden until it has manifested into form… and only THEN does the new creation burst forth.

I’ve discovered that when I tune in deep inside myself as I’m resting, I can FEEL that gestating energy. Its very similar to my experience of being pregnant–very, very, still on the outside, but inside… there is a whole lot going on!! INSIDE… another whole universe is forming.

So RELAX, dearest heart. Let yourSelf off the “doing hook,” and allow yourself to rest. Your body does, indeed, need more rest and “daydream time!” Trust the laws of creation, in other words, and allow your own, miraculous, gestation process to unfold. 

If you do very soon (around Spring Equinox), you just might begin to experience NEW shoots, of a whole NEW “Self,” reaching out into a whole NEW Light.

NOW! How fabulous is that?  


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    This is post is from me, Judith, reblogged from what I’ve called my “earthly website.” And, it is from the celestial team. You who have become attuned to frequencies will understand exactly what I mean when you read the post. During this incredible phase of integration we are currently in… the “earthly” and the “celestial” are, indeed, becoming ONE.

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    Thank you Judith!♥

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  4. Eliza Ayres

     /  March 8, 2014

    Thank you, Judith, for expressing what I am feeling… that something BIG is being born within each of us and we need to step aside and allow for the process to complete itself. Our real Self is about emerge…

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