1.30.14 New Aquarius Super Moon– A Tipping Point!

Not only are we in the innovative energies of our new moon, but numerologically, today is also a master number–11, in this case, which is a doorway into the NEW. Personally, I am feeling this combination very powerfully as a “tipping point,” a day when old meets NEW, and that it will be the conscious choices I make over this weekend  that will determine which way I “tip.”

Yep, if this resonates with the way you are also feeling the new moon energy– this is responsibility “time!”  You are the Sovereign Authority over your own creations. What YOU say, GOES. Nothing can interfere with the frequencies of your choices. Not NOW, not ever. At last, you have the freedom to create out of Love, and so live in Love! How wonderful is that?!!

Of course, this will not sound like wonderful news to those who would rather continue playing the victim than step into their responsibility as a creator. For anyone reading who might be on the fence about tipping yourself out of the stagnant but familiar illusions of “powerlessness,” here’s a heads up— You’ll  probably tip yourself off, in one direction or another over the next couple of days, anyway, because it seems that the fence itself isn’t viable anymore.

I therefore encourage you  to trust yourself, and tip into Love  as the divine creator being you are. I encourage you to begin by loving yourself. You deserve to be loved, or you wouldn’t even be here, and it is your innate right to create a loving reality. Don’t worry, you can handle all that power! You wouldn’t have it, otherwise. And remember… as YOU step into Love, you light the way for others to follow.

Next, take action. Whatever you love, give yourself to it. Don’t wait for “the right circumstances.” Create them through your loving action! Besides, has there ever been a single circumstance in which acting out of love would be a “wrong choice?”

Whoever you love, give your love to them.  Do not get waylaid by “weighing the pros and cons,” as logic would divert you into. What “cons” could there possibly BE where the joy of feeling and sharing love are concerned? Only what we call “conditional love,” which by definition is NOT love, could manufacture any “cons” to loving!

So, throw out every single “con” to loving NOW, no matter how logical they seem! Use these new moon energies to set your NEW template by writing them all down. This will both help you be fully conscious of every single one of those “cons” you intend to discard, and will get them out of YOU and onto paper. Then, in the cresting energies of our NEW Aquarius Super Moon, burn them. Through the power of your intention, let the alchemy of fire transform them into your heart’s TRUE desire, which is (and always has been) to live, free and sovereign, in Love. 

Love IS free, you know! It is also abundant. What it is NOT is currency– “paid out” according to what we’ll “get back.” There is no need for such frugality, nor for any fear of “not having,” or “not getting” enough. What you’ll soon begin to real-ize is that love given freely, with no strings attached, is also what opens one up to receiving love freely. That’s because “giving” and “receiving” are not separate, but part of one energy circuit. Giving/Receiving is one flow of one energy. And the energy is  LOVE.

Hallelujah. Hurray for YOU. And much, much  LOVE to you and your beautiful heart, from my own!  ♥♥♥


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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    This post came through in a swoop, right in the midst of some special “tipping plans” of my own— but so powerfully that I felt compelled to drop everything (literally!) to get it written down and off to you. So here you go– happy tipping!

  2. Sky*

     /  January 31, 2014

    Thank you So Much Dear Judith and Celestial Team! Great timing = just what I needed right now~ Sunshine, Sky*

  3. Judith, I just love your channels. Thank you!
    Blessings, Sparkles and Love,

    • LIKEWISE, Brenda! Thank you for sharing your comment, and your love/light, with me–
      always and in all ways. Whoa… I think we’ve got quite an energy circuit going here!

  1. Judith Dagley – New Aquarius Super Moon- A Tipping Point! – 31 January 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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