1.24.14 Getting Beyond “Confusion and Overwhelm”

If you are one who has let me know that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by confusion lately, here is why my response is always “Wonderful!”

NOW is a “time” when we are being invited, or urged, or even having-the-obvious-shoved-right in-our-faces, to realize that expanding INTO what we want requires expanding OUT of repeating the experiences we do NOT want.

What usually makes this seem “hard” is a long-term reliance on linear logic as our compass. Yet “logic” was not designed to be a compass!

The logical component of our intelligence is excellent at measuring, comparing, and storing information. But since it only knows what it knows, logic can only assist us in recycling experiences that match what it has stored as “knowledge-so-far.”

To move OUT of repeating old patterns in various repetitive ways, we first need to understand that the logical aspect of our intelligence is NOT equipped for that. So why not compassionately let it off the hook, OK?

To move BEYOND the treadmill of repetition, we have to move beyond the limitations of what we “think is already known” (obviously, right?). We have to move OUT of identifying “reality” as experiences that conform with the past, and INTO the unknown…into untapped possibilities…
… into experiencing “reality” as a manifestation of the NEW frequency we each choose to pulse out, in every NOW moment.

So, regarding confusion, accepting the state of “not knowing” as your NEW normal should clear it up nicely. Then, just HOLD the frequency you wish to create external reflections of, and say yes to whatever comes into your life.

As long as you keep holding your desired NEW frequency, trust that whatever manifests will either be something you need to love more in order to bring your desires into form, or the next step in creating them in the most expedient (often illogical) way.

I mean always. Without exception. It cannot be otherwise. This is physics.

Does it require a radical shift of awareness? YES! Is it important? That depends on whether you want to keep reliving old patterns or not– it IS a game-changer. And an elegantly simple one– if YOU allow it to be.

Btw… if you are NEW to this site, and so NEW to the language of frequencies, a warm welcome to you! And please don’t feel overwhelmed. Just breathe... There is lots to read here about your power as an energetic being, so take it all in nice and easy. Also feel free to contact me with any questions and/or to book a private session. Relax. It is safe NOW to open up to all that you are… for in this NOW,  the NEW Paradigm  is your birthright. You have arrived, you could say. Bravo. ♥


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  2. Love it! Makes sense

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    Hello, Beloved! This is the celestial team, popping in for a moment to add our two cents of introduction to this divine “humanly transmitted” post. Know that the word “divine” was deliberately and accurately chosen, for what our Judith is communicating is, in essence, your truth. You are an earthly/celestial being who creates “reality” through your own divine internal technology. This has always been true. You who have been reading and watching our transmissions through the last four of your years have heard us “say” this is in various ways in every one of them. NOW, however, it is “time” to CLAIM your human sovereignty as a creator being of frequency. It is “time to bring it home,” into You, through You, as a frontrunner for your human collective. And if You doubt that You are That… why do You “think” You are reading this message? It is “time” to get REAL, beyond the illusions of limitation. It is “time” to let go of the template of powerlessness that has kept You afraid of exposing your truth freely, in fear of alienating others for a myriad of reasons It is “time” for human frontrunners to stand up and speak through their OWN voices about the power humanity carries within itSelf! “Time” to begin to consciously operate as co-creator beings of frequency, and to accept both the freedom and the responsibility that comes with such power. We assure You that for every illusionary “alienation,” (and it WILL be illusionary), you will draw tenfold more to the truth of your Light! We also assure You that there are NO beings of frequency in your universe, no matter what dimension they reside in, that are more powerful than the human/celestial beings that currently reside on planet earth. Take THAT to heart, Beloved. Shine your Love/Light, and just SEE what You can do. We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

  4. Said: “Logic is a tool
    Not a home address”

    – From “The Kilgore Trout Manoeuvre”

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