1.9.14 Creating Happiness Requires ACTION

An hour ago, I lived through another vivid experience of what replacing the old victim/aggressor paradigm of separation with the NEW Blueprint of interconnected harmony is like in 2014. Describing all of the aspects of the experience would take way too long, and be way too much to take in from a single post, but I may do so in a series of posts  soon– unless I get swept up in the increasing flow of them and it becomes obsolete within 24 hours, that is!

But I DO want to mention ONE crucial part of these transformational opportunities that are innundating us NOW, just in case any of you have missed it thus far–
In order to let go of an old, difficult, energy pattern, it has to be brought into our conscious awareness EXPERIENTIALLY. Only then can we recognize and change it through OUR OWN, NEW ACTIONS… which in turn will ground the change into our NEW energy grids. In other words, transformation– or “creating happiness,” if you prefer– is not only an inside job, but a HANDS ON job.

So, please do not  fall into “thinking” that the same old patterns are coming up because you are doing something “wrong.” And PLEASE do not choose to feel victimized by them! They are coming up so that you can SEE/FEEL them– because YOU are the one to CHANGE THEM– no one and nothing but YOU.

WELCOME these old patterns as they manifest, then! RECOGNIZE that they are there at your service. And then transmute them through releasing judgment, and loving what cries out to be loved.
That IS YOUR MAGIC, you know… ♥


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  1. Yes, when you do “inner work” there’s always an outer work component. For example when you receive inner guidance there’s either a change in perception that occurs within you (that then changes your behavior) or there’s follow through action. It’s really simple, just not always easy. Thanks Judith!

    • Yes, Christine,, our “inner work” does create commensurate change in perceptions, which of course then invites a change in our actions, as well. Thank you for sharing your clarity about that!
      What I am talking about in THIS post, however, is the importance of the EXPERIENTIAL component in setting our NEW blueprints into our energy grids. We must EXPERIENCE the old one in the moment in order to tranform its energy in the moment. Because “experiencing” means FEELING– and so getting triggered into the drama of old reactivity if we are not fully, consciously “on task” — I would agree that the word “easy” is NOT a good frequency match for this experience!
      Challenging, exhilarating, feeling the rush of energy that claiming one’s sovereignty brings, the surge of being fully, powerfully ALIVE…those come a bit closer. It is only AFTER we face these experiential life-changing moments that we establish their NEW flow– and it is the flowing WITH the NEW currents we’ve set that then become effortless!

  2. Hi Judith,
    “Challenging, exhilarating, feeling the rush of energy that claiming one’s sovereignty brings, the surge of being fully, powerfully ALIVE…” — we feel these feelings most clearly when we go up against some sort of challenge and push through, keep going and succeed despite the challenge (regardless of whether the challenge looks like inner conditioning, outer obstacles, or usually both). Each one of us has our personal challenges–and if each one of us were brought up, from childhood on, to place our attention on transforming those personal challenges, and if it were acknowledged that personal growth was our priority, that this was a planet of personal growth (rather than just following the status quo, or being a good consumer, or getting good grades, or knowing your place in society) this world would be a totally different place. And I think we are during this shift in consciousness acknowledging that indeed, personal growth and change is what this time is about… what are your thoughts on this?

    • I couldn’t agree more, Christine, with your conclusion that — “…we are during this shift in consciousness acknowledging that indeed, personal growth and change is what this time is about…” Well said! ♥♥♥

  1. Judith Dagley – Creating Happiness Requires ACTION – 10 January 2014 | Lucas 2012 Infos

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