the celestial team

Judith here, just “popping in” on Christmas Eve– at least in L.A., it is!– to share something with you at the celestial team’s request. Actually, at their “exuberantly fizzy nagging” would be  a more accurate way to put it, lol…

The “fizz” began about two hours ago, when I sent a gift over the air waves to my Beyond Therapy FB page. (Yep, no more chimneys for me– I’m a cyber-space Santa NOW!) So what was the gift? My own personal favorite example of what “enlightenment” looks like… AND feels like, because when you see it, “you just can’t help it!” as Scrooge would say. You just feel it… and its very “fizzy,” come to think of it…

Well, I guess that’s a clue as to why the celestial team LOVES that example so much that they’ve been fizzing at me non-stop to share it with you … and…

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  1. Priscilla

     /  December 25, 2013

    Merry Christmas Judith and the Celestials… 😀



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